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Delt glassware through the years

A look at the party favors chosen by Marietta Delts for the Chapter's annual spring formal. Your tour host is Shawn Selby '92.

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1971: A beer mug was the choice for the Delt formal this year, which had the theme, "A Night on the S.S. Delta Queen." Rick Neel '71 contributed this from his collection.

Kitsch factor: 5/10

The yellowish tint does this glass no favor ...why pick a color that is same color as beer? (And dare we say the same color as bong water?) We also aren't impressed with the use of quote marks around the theme.

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Circa 1971 to 1974: This is a wine decanter that once belonged to Mike Lowe '74 that was used for one of the spring Delt formals, according to Rick Neel '73. The decanter was given to the Chapter by Lowe, and Neel is keeping custody of it. The decanter has a special container for ice to keep wine cold without diluting it.

Kitsch factor: 10/10

We don't even know where to begin with this. Yes we do. Is this really a wine decanter? It looks more like a bong to us. Be that as it it may, whoever chose this design and color must have had a mad crush on Barbara Eden from "I Dream of Jeannie." This is just perfect ... perfectly awful.

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1976: Peter Denio '78 unearthed this treasure in 2014. "Looked though a cupboard and clear in the back was this glass from my fraternity at Marietta College, Delta Tau Delta. I think it's from a formal dance from my junior year before I transferred to Clarion University of Pennsylvania," he wrote on a posting to Facebook.

Kitsch rating: 7/10

We are not even sure what color to call this ... smokey amber? But we definitely remember going to yard sales in the 1990s and seeing glassware like this being sold for 10 cents a piece. But what put it over the top is the daisy-petal engraving at the foot of the glass. A reminder that the flower-power aesthetic was still strong in the Bicentennial Year.

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1977: Called the "Pledge Formal" by this point, the Chapter chose a cocktail set comprised of a pitcher and two glasses. This set comes from the collection of Bob Kavula '78.

Kitsch rating: 2/10

When Brother Kavula the Younger told us he had a cocktail set from 1977, we braced ourselves. The image of the wine decanter was still haunting our dreams, so what kind of High Disco Era monstrosity would this be? The result left us stunned, if not shocked. This is a set WE would have in OUR home. It is fun, without being outrageous. The purple lettering means we can't call it "elegant," but we can call it pleasant. There really isn't much we can complain about. But we can ask: Was ordering this actually a mistake?

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1977: A close-up of the cocktail pitcher from the set belonging to Bob Kavula '78. The reverse side of the pitcher contains the names of the Undergraduate Delts in the Chapter at the time.

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1988: A brandy snifter was the choice for glassware for the Delt Spring formal this year. Mike Conaty '89 contributed this photo.

Kitsch factor: 2/10

A simple and elegant design. Dare we say, classy? But decidedly boring with the generic "Spring Formal '88"on the back (see next photo). This is a glass your grandpa would be comfortable with. And your Hipster neighbor would show off during some too-cool-for-you cocktail party, while reminding you he was born after 1988.

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1988: The back of the brandy snifter with the phrase "Spring Formal '88" emblazoned across it. Contributed by Mike Conaty '89.

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1990: The Chapter chose a champagne flute as the formal party favor, which is emblazoned with the theme "Delt Shack, Babee," which is taken from the B-52s' song, "Love Shack." Now you might have noticed the odd spelling of "Babee." That is not a mistake. That's how the B-52s spelled it on the album's liner notes. If you ask us what "liner notes" are, we will slap you. This is from the collection of Shawn Selby '92.

Kitsch rating: 4/10

The champagne flute is a symbol of 1980s excess, which was passe by 1990. And the theme is dated, and not in good way.

1990: Now we feel like watching the "Love Shack" video and mentally replacing the lyrics with "Delt Shack." Watch it, too. Or move on to the next slide.

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1991: A goblet was the choice this year, with the theme of "Everybody Dance Now," taken from the song of the same name by C+C Music Factory. (We hear you laughing. Stop it.) This from the collection of Shawn Selby '92.

Kitsch rating: 3/10

This is nice design, classic even. But "Everybody Dance Now" is a bit embarrassing. (Stop laughing.) And we are pretty sure we filled our goblet with Boone's Farm, which is pretty kitschy. What can we say? We. Were. Poor.

1991: Because we heard you laughing on the last slide, your punishment is to watch the video of "Everybody Dance Now." Besides, we are in the mood to dance.

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1992: The Chapter chose a smaller goblet for the formal this year, which had a theme of "World Escapade." And we remember literally nothing about it.

Kitsch rating: 3/10

The only complaint we have is the small size of the goblet. Doesn't hold much, um, refreshment. Otherwise, completely forgettable.

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