Thomas Zotti ’85

Full Name: Thomas Zotti

Email: ten.t1519325283sacor1519325283tem@m1519325283ottak1519325283

Current Occupation/Title: Deputy Chief

Employer: Wolfeboro Fire-Rescue Department

Year initiated: January 1982

Year graduated: 1985

Undergraduate Degree: B.A. in media/management

Current City and State: Wolfeboro, N.H.

LinkedIn profile:

I am currently serving as Deputy Chief of a 20-member combination fire-rescue department.

I enjoy physical fitness activities, do-it-yourself projects, riding my motorcycle and tinkering with our antique car.

My time at Epsilon Upsilon was valuable for many reasons, including learning to live and work with a diverse group of people. My time as Chapter Treasurer was my first significant exposure to finances and budgeting, a major part of my current position.