Stories for the 40th

Hello everyone,

A few days ago I got the following note from Dave Broome. It has some suggestions for stories for the 40th booklet that we are going to attempt to put together. I thought it was full of great ideas but it is fairly long so I didn’t want to include it in one of my regular emails (which I’m going to try to do today), so here it is, just as Dave sent it to me. Please take some time and write something, send it to me and I’ll forward it along to the correct party. Remember, we are less than a year from the weekend.

Have a great week, Rick Neel ’73

Hi Rick,
(Be warned, this is a long email)

We spoke briefly at homecoming this year about gathering stories from alumni for the 40th anniversary of the chapter next year. I don’t know how much material Sean Selby was able to gather prior to his big move to the UK, but I certainly feel that the ‘deadline’ for submitting these recollections can be pushed wayout..probably to late summer of next year- that would give people plenty of time to ponder whether or not to submit a story. Also, if they have time to think about writing a little bit about their memories of the chapter… maybe some alums will also give some more thought about actually attending Homecoming 2008.

Regarding the stories that people submit: We all have stories about great times
with ‘so-and-so’ and ‘what’s-his-name’… but many guys may not feel like telling them because they don’t see the point in telling a story about people that most EY Delts don’t know.. and the fact remains that most of us don’t know each other. Thats just the way it is.. but I think there is a way to submit stories that all of us – from
undergrads to the oldest alums – can relate to.

THE ‘FIRST GENERATION’: There are two items of interest that could be asked of these gentlemen:

These are the first group of Delts at Marietta- the ones who established Beta Delta Epsilon.. the ones who were there for the colonization of the chapter, and the ones who were there when our chapter received its charter on Saturday, November
23rd, 1968. The local history of our chapter is short on details to begin with… and, I think, completely absent of any first-person recollections. Personally, I have never read first-person stories of the early days from anyone- nor even seen a photograph from that period. Therefore- any alum from from that ‘first generation’ should be encouraged to submit his personal memories (whether or not he is going to attend Homecoming ’08). Also, ANY photographs from the years 1966-1969.. and especially from the charter-installation date of Nov 23rd 1968 (not of the ceremony itself,
of course..but there was a formal held afterwards, I believe). Such stories would be of interest to all EY Delts, and hopefully these accounts would be incorporated into the ‘permanent record’ of our chapter history material. Regarding photographs from the 66-69 period.. of course it is asking quite a lot for people to dig up 40 year-old pictures- if they still exist at all… but someone out there may have a few snapshots which they feel are too amateurish or faded to bother showing. So what? A collection of images (regardless of quality) would be a nice addition to the permanent record referred to previously. Such pictures could be scanned and sent to you (or me), or copies provided- if any alum wishes to make that contribution. It would also be great if people in the photos could be identified individually.


For most of us, Marietta College provided our only college experience. There have been some trends and events which occurred during our time on campus that will not be repeated. Those stories would be interesting to hear about. For example:
>Freshmen were once obliged to wear beanies (I think this includes you).
>Some local hangouts where Delts spent their down-time (i.e. Keg Room during the
>There was a devastating flood in the fall of 2004..surely there have been others.
>The shelter was moved from Putnam St to Fourth St in 1984 (dead of winter, I
>There was a time when drukenness and/or students ‘fooling around’ was grounds for expulsion.
>The chapter won its first Hugh Shields award in 1990 or ’91..lets hear from those who accepted it.

And not to mention historical events which occured while students were on campus:
>On Monday May 4th, 1970 there were the fatal shootings at Kent State University; presumably the school year was session at Marietta.. although at the end of the spring semester. Campuses nationwide were closed; protests followed. Was Marietta one of them? What did students at Marietta do?
>Thursday November 9, 1989- the fall of the Berlin Wall. Ancient history now, but
even as a recent alum at the time, I was in shock at the very thought of it.. the ‘red menace’ that I (and you) were always taught to fear was starting to crumble. Some of the more politically minded undergrads must have been following this closely and pondering its significance with each other.
>Tuesday Sept 11th, 2001… not so long ago, but all the Delts who were undergrads then are now alumni. What happened on campus that morning? Were classes cancelled? Were a large number of brothers gathered together in front of a TV all day? There was a need for people to experience their national grief with others..and college students were in a unique position to be among their peers.

Finally, I don’t know if the events during the banquet next year have been worked out completely.. But, instead of one or two people doing all the talking, perhaps one (or two-at-a-time) from each era (1960s, early 70s, mid 70s, late 70s…etc., could say a few words about their time on campus and the Delt experience. Some people like to talk (if only to hear their own voice).. and thats OK… and, some guys speak in front of people for a living and are accustomed to it. Certainly, nobody should feel obligated to get up and speak. That’s just an idea I’m throwing out there.

Another idea for the banquet is to set aside a table for the display of”Deltabilia”…that is, EY Delt memorabilia from the past 40 years. Do you still have your beanie? I’ve never seen one. Does anyone from the ‘first generation’ still have their dog-eared copy of ‘The Good Delt’? I still have a couple of silk-screened t-shirts from Delt theme-parties from the 1980s. Items which are unique to our chapter or the Marietta experience might make for some interesting conversation-starters.

Also, this being the 40th anniversary of the chapter, there are still very few of us who have passed away.. the total may only be 4 or 5…, but I don’t know if there has ever been a proper recognition of the passing of, or moment of silence for those brothers. A brief moment of remembrance for them (complete with the list of names and a moment of silence.. no commentary at all…just the names) is an idea. Some may find this upsetting or distateful (I didn’t know any of the fallen, after all), and if that is the case, then it certainly doesn’t have to happen at all. I just think its a thoughtful touch.

That’s just a few ideas that I’ve had for next year. Let me know what you think..and I’ll be getting back with you.

Dave Broome, class of 1988