Shawn Selby ’92: New look coming Is here!

Dear Brothers:

Hasn’t Rick been doing an incredible job? Go ahead, give him a big round of applause. Don’t feel stupid sitting at your computer clapping your hands. You know you want to. And if we all do it at the same time, well it might just heard by … someone in the next room!

But seriously, Rick has been providing excellent content here at this Blog. We originally set it up as a place that would serve as an archive for his emails so that Brothers, as they are added to the email list, could be able to come here and read up on his previous emails.

This Blog has proved popular. So popular that Rick graciously agreed to allow it to become the de facto “official unofficial” EU Alumni Web site. As such, you will periodically see postings from Crescent Colony (House Corporation) President Jon Hartshorn as well as messages from Chapter Adviser Robert “Fergie” Ferguson and from various Undergraduate Delts.

But as good, and as popular as this site is, I can’t escape one fundamental truth: This site is ugly. Butt ugly. I-can’t-believe-I-spent-the-night-with-her/him ugly. Dan-Moorman-without-a-shirt ugly. UGLY.

I’m a damn good newspaper designer, but I don’t know how to do HTML, the coding that is used to build Web pages like this.

But fortunately we’ve found an Undergrad Brother who can, and we cast a spell on him to do our bidding in putting some lipstick on this pig.

The aforementioned Undergrad is Adam “Hops” Hopkins. He is a sophomore from Chesterland, Ohio, and he’s majoring in accounting and finance. He’s also the Chapter’s Web master. And early next semester, he’s taking office as the Chapter’s corresponding secretary.

I gave him some instructions on how I would like the site to look and he has developed a prototype template. And it looks good. Rick and I have reviewed it and have asked him to do some tweaking with it. After that is done, the new template will be transfered to this site and we will bid a not-so-fond farewell to the Blogger design template that we’ve been using so far.

So Adam, thanks in advance for your work to give us a new look. And your first job when you become an alumnus will be to become the Alumni Web Master and set up the future Web site!

Look for an email from Rick announcing that the design has been implemented.


Shawn Selby ’92