Ryan Nolen ’12 appears in national TV commercial

Screen captures from the DailyBurn television commercial that features Ryan Nolen '12. At left, his "before" photo, which was taken in the back room of the Shelter.

Screen captures from the DailyBurn television commercial that features Ryan Nolen ’12. At left, his “before” photo, which was taken in the back room of the Shelter.

A 15-minute workout last May has lead to Marietta Delt Alumnus Ryan Nolen ’12 becoming a star of a 60-second television commercial for DailyBurn.com.

DailyBurn is a fitness-oriented social networking, exercise and nutrition Web site that specializes in videos and programs for people of all shapes and sizes.

“In May of last year, I was watching Netflix late one night and I saw an ad for DailyBurn’s 15-day challenge, which are 15-minute workouts you do once a day for 15 days,” Nolen, 24, said. “I thought about it for half an hour and then realized that if I had just signed up and did a workout, it would be done by now.”

And the results began to show. Thirty days later, Nolen had lost over 20 pounds. (He would ultimately lose 65 pounds.)

After his first month of following workouts and diet advice from the Web site, he embarked on the program’s 90-day challenge — and he started making some noise about his efforts.

“I followed DailyBurn on Twitter. I would tweet at them after I had a workout. I would say things like, ‘Oh, that was a rough workout’ or ‘I really liked this one,'” Nolen said. “They would always tweet me back.”

Then one day Nolen told DailyBurn’s Twitter handle that he had lost 30 pounds. And then DailyBurn contacted him back through Twitter to see if they could write a “success story” about him for their Web site.

“They called me from New York. We talked for two hours and the story was published on Aug. 1.” Nolen said.

After publishing the story about Nolen on the company’s Web site, the company’s advertising agency contacted him about the possibility of appearing in a TV commercial.

When the first weekend in November rolled around, Nolen was on a plane to Los Angeles.

“I was the last person they were filming. So after me, they were done. They filmed me working out for about 15 minutes. And then I changed and went to do an interview. I talked right into this wooden hole with this bright light shining into my eyes. We went though my whole story, from first workout to 65 pounds later,” Nolen said. “We all had to say certain catchphrases. Mine was about how the price of two Starbucks coffees is what it costs for a month of DailyBurn.”

The Marietta Delt Shelter — or at least the back room — also appears briefly in the commercial. A “before” photo shows Nolen in front of the Delta Tau Delta mural.

“I wanted to somehow incorporate the Delts, but I also thought I looked pretty fat in that picture,” he said.

Nolen said he didn’t get paid for appearing in the commercial, but he got to keep the workout clothes they gave him for the shooting.

The commercial, which began airing nationally at the end of December, has been seen on A&E, Syfy, AMC and DIY Network.

When he is not appearing on television, Nolen attends Kent State University, where he is working on a Master’s degree in higher education administration.