Rick Neel: DTD at MC – Homecoming 2006

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Jack Decker and Brian Stone and another brother who’s email address I got, but no name (moc.l1519325560iamto1519325560h@zzo1519325560ohrj1519325560) sorry about that, help me out here, please.

As promised, here I am with what happened over the recent homecoming weekend. I had a great time and got a thrill. During the House Corp meeting, we made some decisions about our 40th anniversary. There were some committees formed and undoubtedly you will all hear from them as we go forward.

The thrill I got was getting to give the charge to the new initiates during the activation ceremony. As Shawn Selby said in the spring, it was really awesome. I hope that the rest of you get the opportunity sometime. We activated 3 men during the weekend.

The chapter has taken 17 pledges this fall and is now 55 men strong. I believe that is as big as we have ever been. And they all seem to be quality men, while I was talking to the upperclassmen, they all told me that should it be necessary, they would feel comfortable with the freshmen leading the chapter. Fortunately, that isn’t going to be necessary, but it sure is nice to have that feeling.

During the House Corp meeting, it was decided that the President of the House Corp should have access to our Blog (http://mcdeltalumni.blogspot.com/), so check it from time to time for any announcements that Hartsy might have.

We also decided that we would hold our 40th anniversary during the homecoming weekend in 2008. The undergrads are trying to find out if that date has been set yet, I will post it as soon as I find it out. We need help here from you guys, please send me any email address that you have for EY Delts. If you aren’t sure if I have it or not, that’s OK, if I do, I will discard it, if not it will sure help getting the word out.

One other thing I would like for each of you to do, is go to the Marietta College web site (http://www.marietta.edu/) and look at the alumni email addresses. Check out the few years around your graduation year. If you should see any Delts listed, send me the name. I can go look the address up. That is how I found Jack Decker. It may feel like 2008 is a long way away, but it will be here before you know it, and I would like to contact everybody.

The undergrads tell me that they can get us discounts on hotel rooms in Marietta, but they need to know how many are coming. They also need to know how many are going to attend so they know how big of a hall to reserve for us. A lot of them are booked over a year in advance, so please email me and give me some idea if you are going to be there, how many will be attending and if you will need a room or not.

We need some volenteers from all the year groups, to contact brothers from your era and encourage them to come. This means phone calls and/or other personal contact, let me know if you are willing. How about you Joe Mester?

The undergrads haven’t asked us for money for quite awhile now, but during the ritual meeting we discussed the need for new ritual equipment, and decided to ask the Alums to help with the cost. So I’m asking you to consider giving so the chapter can replace the equipment, it is the original set so that makes it 38 years old. Time to be replaced I think, and it would be nice to have new equipment for our 40th! Please consider a gift to House Corp for this purpose, thank you.

One last thing, 2008 is a big year for DTD, it is the 150th anniversary of the Fraternity and Karnea will be in Pittsburg and a trip will be made to Bethany, and the original home of the Fraternity (the remodeling is going on right now on the original house).

I have more, but have to go to work. I’ll finish when I get a little more time. Have a good week!

Rick Neel ’73