Rick Neel: DTD at MC #9

Hello everyone,

Writing today is going to be a real pleasure because of a note that I received a week or so ago. It makes me very happy to be doing this. Kurt Kleefield sent me the note that is at the bottom of this email. Thanks Kurt, you really made my day. On top of getting Kurt’s email, I got one that gave me a new address.

Kurt, I think that I heard that last year or so, the chapter had a formal meeting duing homecoming or something (perhaps it was an initiation). Check with the chapter.

Dave Broome ’88 sent me his address to add to our list. It is: moc.o1518989400ohay@151898940010emo1518989400orbld1518989400 for all of his buddies drop him a line. From me, welcome Dave.

I also heard from GooSe, the social chairman at the house about the golf outing. He said that he would be back on campus the 29th of January and meet with some of the brothers and come up with the dates. So until the 29th …

Interesting news from the undergrads this year, they got 6 weeks off for Christmas break, and GooSe for one seems to feel that is too long. So they haven’t sent me anything for a long time. Hope that they enjoyed the time. Soon they’ll only get 2 weeks in a year! 🙂

I want to let you all know that the Delt website appears to be completed and it is pretty good. The alumni section has a list of email addresses so you can get back in contact with the guys from your years. Go check it out and correct your address if it is wrong. You can access it through the Marietta College site www.marietta.edu and then go to the student life area. Just to let you know, there are now 170 addresses in my address book! Pretty good I think, some of them are not good, but not that many.

Keep the life updates coming in so I can post them. For the times that I don’t get any, I know some stories about a few of you and I’ll make something up. Look out Jim Neel, Darrell Pritchard, Al Morrison. Fair warning to you 3 at least. 🙂

I guess that is about all I have for now. Have a good week.

Rick Neel ’73


I have to be honest, I haven’t even thought Delt in a number of years, but am increasingly excited to see these updates and news. I’ve never enjoyed golfing, so I won’t see you there- but I am interested in connecting with some delts from EU. So, I’ll give a quick description of my last decade if you want to send that out, or save it from another newsletter.

Since graduatijng, I have taught 4th grade students in inner city Cleveland, OH, 3-12 grade students in rural New Hampshire, 9-12 grade chemistry to students at risk in Natick, MA and most recently 5-8 graders in Marlborough, MA.

I have earned a Master’s in Educational Leadership at Keene State College in NH. My most salient accomplishments, though are my wife Sarah, who I married last August – in my party was Emmett (Claribell) Russell ’97.

Since then I adopted our daughter Dakota who is now 5, and we’ve had a son, Maxwell, who is now 6 months. We’re looking for a new place to settle roots, and that will probably be in PA or upstate NY.

I continue to collect Monopoly games and have a fairly substantial collection of about 900 games.

Some of my fondest memories from college come from 219 4th St., like building the Andrews Hall Homecoming float with a raisable tower, building our pledge wheel at Chad Rhodes’ father’s place, painting the back room, Thanksgiving dinners, the pledge prank of filling Dean Kilton and Scott Francis’s room with styrofoam peanuts, stickball in the parking lot, the pissing boy fountain and sea mural downstairs, serenading the Alpha Xi’s and getting invited to the taboo upstairs, pumpkin carolling on the President’s lawn, Greek Week olympics, upon Emmett’s initiation as President, hearing him recite a line backwards, retreat at Jess Raine’s bank, etc…

I would like to make it back to a Homecoming, possibly the tenth is a good one – coming up next year in 2007. I hope EU does something for its brotherhood – I’d love to be a part of ritual once again, if only for a day.

Thanks for the updates.
Kurt (Chi-Chi) Kleefeld
Marietta College EU Chapter ’97