Rick Neel: DTD at MC #8

Hello everybody,

Hope that you all had a Great Holiday season and that no one got a skinned up nose as a result of New Years Eve. 🙂

I have gotten a couple of email from some brothers with an update on how thier lives are going. One is fairly long so I will break them up and send them in 2 emails. I also got something from Bob Exten that is positive news from a celebrity for a change. Knowing that some of you are using a work email address, I am sending an attachment with it. My computer shows no virus attached to it, FWIW. If you can’t, or don’t wish to get attachments with these letters, please let me know.

Remember, that the last weekend in April is the Golf Outing. If you can, keep that weekend open. I’m not sure what the cost is going to be, but as information is passed to me I will send it on.

Here is the life update that I received from Don Wolfe. Hope that it motivates you to send something about yourself to share. I’ll send the other one in a little while. Have a good 2006.

Rick Neel ’73.

Hi Rick,

In 1997 I moved from Georgia to Colorado to work for Bell Labs writing embedded software at the Denver Works. It was a good job until they off-shored my project to Shanghai.

After that I spent a year substitute teaching, refereeing youth soccer, and just hanging out. Then I spent a year teaching high school computer science. Then I moved to Nebraska to be the data-systems support guy for a medium size car dealership (four locations in the Nebraska panhandle plus one in northern Colorado). Part of the reason for that was the rural location, a different high school for my son (he’s a senior now), and just change for the sake of change.

Earlier this year the owner fired his back-office manager and asked me to do that job. So I am now the office controller, but it takes a lot of time and I may be looking for something else to do after Alexander graduates in the spring. Teaching college sounds good to me, but I don’t know if I can land a position without any real publications to my credit 🙁

What are you doing?

Donald E. Wolfe, Ph.D.
P.O.Box 527; Broomfield CO 80038