Rick Neel: DTD at MC #5

Hi to all of you,
Well I don’t have any news from any of you this time, so I can’t include any of that. Any news that anyone has that they would like to be shared, let me know.

I still have the pictures, but have been too lazy to get them downloaded to the computer. Maybe on my next day off.

Let’s see what is here for me to share with> you….

Well, the chapter has elected its officers for the next year. I won’t list them, if interested e-mail me and I’ll send the names to you. I got them from reading the minutes from the chapter meetings. If anyone is interested in getting them, the secretary, Ashley Wollem told me that he would be happy to put you on the mailing list. Just contact him at: **removed for privacy reasons**

I see that in my homecoming messages I forgot to mention something. During the house corp meeting the undergrads reported that they needed some new ritual equipment. There was no request made to house corp to help with this, it was just a need that was reported. Anyone that is interested in this issue, can contact Hartsy and I’m sure he will give you any information he can. Yesterday, the 13th, the chapter had activation of pledges. They activated 10 men into the brotherhood. Congratulations to the new actives.

In reviewing the meeting notes of the last 3 weeks, I discovered that the website is being updated, and the Alumni section will be Awesome. This is a quote from the meeting notes… Can’t wait.

I see that the chapter has some interesting committees, one of them is the “I hate Tom Brady” committee. The committee report from that one appears to be the same every week. “I hate Tom Brady” That couldn’t be because he graduated from Michigan could it? And has won a Super Bowl or 2? Then they have a place for Nude Business. There hasn’t been any nude news to report in the minutes I have read. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Depends on who is nude I guess. I have another name or two for this email list, we are up to 102 now. That is pretty good I think. And still a couple of years before homecoming 2008. I hope that everyone has a good Thanksgiving.

I’ll be back.
Rick Neel ’73