Rick Neel: DTD at MC #4

Hi Guys,
Well I’m home. Had a wonderful time in Marietta, but the undergrads didn’t do too well as far as keeping it warm. It was damp and rainy most of the weekend and snowing on Tuesday as I was headed back to Columbus to catch my plane. In fact, on one overpass it was evidently frozen and I spun out. Did about 5 donuts and nearly hit a light pole. Such wonderful times are had in the cold!

So let’s see what can I report from my trip? I got to meet a lot of the guys. About 30 alumni were there and I met most of the undergrads, some again and some for the first time. I got to attend a house meeting on Sunday night, more on that later.

Marietta won the homecoming football game, beating Muskingum College as time expired, capping a furious comeback. I didn’t make the game, because it was too cold for this southern boy. Jordan did win the award for homecoming King, giving the Delts 4 in a row! Congratulations Jordan.

During the house corp meeting that followed the parade, I learned quite a bit. One thing that we heard, is the college has been given a 10 million dollar pledge for a new library. So I’m sure that the college will be contacting you for a donation to help with the cost. If you are interested in reading more about that, check the college web site; www.marietta.edu/ there is an article on the homepage. Also there, you can see a picture of Jordan in his crown :-). We got a scoop on this from Brian Rothenberg who is a member of the Alumni Association. This fund raising campaign may put the issue of our shelter on the back burner for a little while, giving us more time to come up with a game plan for out house replacement.

Last year, the fraternity learned that our shelter is not on the college 5 year plan, so we will be relocating for the 3rd time in our history. When members of DTD International, the House Corp, and the undergraduate chapter met with the college, everyone came away with the feeling that the college was open to working with us to replace our house. The college sent in a professional inspector to determine if the house was worth saving, his opinion was that it isn’t. I learned that there are several options available to us and that the International is able to help with financing. We can go with college building, our building, a combination of both, or perhaps something different. We can go with a dorm style living (probably the college preference), a house style residence (probably the undergrad preference), a combo layout (something combining the features of both. Or a house in the front, and dorm style behind, with the fraternity occupying the beds it is able to fill and the college using the rest for dorm space). Hartsy and the committee that is set up to work on this will undoubtedly be contacting you for your feelings and any input you may have. An interesting aside on the housing issue, on campus now housing is priced based on where you choose to live. For instance, Parsons hall is the cheapest place on campus to live. McCoy hall is the most expensive, and Fayerweather is screwed up! There, the apartments are cheaper than the doubles. Doesn’t seem to make much sense. And I didn’t inquire as to the cost of living in the Delt house (that was pretty dumb, I guess!).

The undergrads reported that they are involved in an official fraternity program, called “Adopt-a-school” where they are sending at least 3 brothers per day to Marietta Middle School (for those who don’t remember, it is at the top of the hill at 7th and Putnam). They say it is going very well and the brothers are enjoying helping at the school. Speaking of school, the brothers GPA is 2.9 and they are disappointed in having it that low (I personally would have been ecstatic with a 2.9!) They are second on campus among the men’s groups. For those brothers who have grades under a C+, they have study hours that have to be verified, 2 hours per week additional study per grade that is less than a C+. And should a brother’s GPA fall below a 2.25, they are placed on social probation until they get the grades up. Bravo!

The population of the college now is approaching 1300 and the goal is 1500. I understand that the college turned some applicants away this year because of a fear that they are growing too fast. And the number of Delts are 46. 31 actives, 15 pledges. With only 5 graduating this year. We count among our members some athletes (football, track, soccer are ones that I heard mentioned), 9 of the 10 RA’s are Delts, and we hold 7 positions in student government. So the chapter is involved in about everything on campus. With 46 members there are a bunch of diverse personalities all of whom get along, that was a good thing to see.

Back to the chapter meeting that I got to sit in on. it was the normal meeting that you remember, committee reports, old business, new business (and the usual laughter and BS that goes on during house meetings). So I only feel the need to comment on a few things. One was the “Greek Freak and Greek God” awards. Those are about what you might think and showed the ability to laugh at themselves and being able to praise those brothers who had done something good., I liked that part of the meeting. Another part of the meeting that I found positive was the ending, where the brothers all went into the street in front of the house and gave a cheer (for this Fergie had Hartsy and me included, in the middle of the huddle with 40+ screaming brothers gathered around us, boy was that loud!) of course in Marietta at 8:00 pm on a Sunday night there was no traffic :-). The most impressive part of the meeting to me was “the candle pass.” I understand that this isn’t a weekly part of the meeting, just when it is needed. The lights are turned off, a candle lit, and every brother in attendance is given the opportunity to say what is on their minds, as far as they personally feel about the fraternity and themselves. I was very impressed by this, not only the honest expression of thought, but also the attention that the other brothers paid to what was being said. I thought that was a good way to clear the air about what brothers were feeling. Much better than letting things fester.

I got a bunch of new addresses while I was there, and several new people contacted me directly, we have over 100 addresses now so check them out. Please continue to forward this on to brothers who aren’t on the list. I did get some more comments from brothers and I will post them the next time. I did get some pictures and I see a way to post them to this, so I will when I get them downloaded.

I do have some sad news to pass along. One of our founders, Tom Robinson, has passed away. Evidently, he died 2 or 3 years ago and I don’t know what the cause was. I knew Tom slightly as he was either a senior, or a graduate when I pledged, so if anyone can give me any information, I will pass it on.

That’s enough for now, hope that it isn’t too long. Remember the 40th is coming in 2008! Shawn Selby has already told me that he will be looking for people to help him put together a history for that one. He says that he will want 2 or 3 from each decade, one early, one mid, and one late, to hunt up stories for the history. Start thinking.

Later, Rick Neel ’73

Here is the 2nd part of #4

Hi guys,

Sorry about the last oops! Anyway, I have received a bunch of grief about my last email (OK, it actually was just Fergie 🙂 ) since I forgot to mention the score of the REAL homecoming football game. So here is what happened, the undergrads finished next to last while the alumni finished in 2nd place. The final score was Undergrads 8 touchdowns and the Alumni 3. But really there was cheating going on! After all the undergrads had an unfair advantage (or 3), they were younger, faster, and more athletic. Aside from that, it was a fair game. I have to report that there were no injuries. And everyone had a good time. Congratulations to the Undergrads

I have a message from Chris Goebel:

I think we may have met at Fergie’s 30th last year. In any case, I can not attend homecoming but it is for a great reason! Over the last 12 years I have volunteered and coached youth football (7th & 8th grade unlimited weight) in Hinsdale Illinois and well…. we are loaded this year. We are undefeated 10 – 0 and we start the playoffs this weekend. So it is an exciting time of the year and hopefully we can win the league and state championship in Dekalb, IL next month! ….know my email is **removed for privacy reasons ** (please no jokes it is a work email but it is the best way to reach me other than the phone)

PS Any of us that graduated in ’87 are always looking for any news on our lost brother Jimmy Martinez. Any help tracking him down or news would be appreciated. We have not heard any thing from him in over 12 years!

There is your note Chris, and on another note he asked what he could do to help me. You have done it by including a note on what you are doing. Thanks! And to everyone else, if you know anything about Jimmy Martinez, please let Chris (or me – I’ll post it) know.

I also got a message from Tim Cox:

Here’s my contact info.

Tim Cox

If you’re ever in the NYC area, look me in!

Tim Cox ‘ 99

Well, Tim I just may do that. I have begun to travel a lot more in the last few years. But there are many more of us now. You may be swamped!

One last thing, I seem to have messed up the address that I had for Bill Buzzy, any help would be appreciated. As always, forward this on to any brothers that you don’t see on the addresses. And JP, I have been sending these to Ted Smith, but they are being rejected for being too long, so please give them to him.

Till the next time, Rick Neel ’73