Rick Neel: DTD at MC #3

Hello everyone,
Homecoming is getting closer and I’m starting to get excited about the chance to see some old friends. And the school, and the TownHouse!

I have received some new addresses in the last week. Thanks to all of you who have passed these emails along. I hope that you have all heard from old friends as a result of these.

The following is from Jon Hartshorn, the president of the House Corp. Thanks for the news Hartsy.

Hi Rick.
I appreciate this effort. It will pay off big time someday, I’m
certain. Already has helped me out personally. A friend I hadn’t
heard from in a few years sent me a message. Keep It Going!!! In other
news: I will be setting up a fund raising committee very soon. We need to
show MC that we can help with a shelter. Right now we are not in the game,
so to speak. They are overwhelmed with the need for housing. I feel
that if we can’t help, we’ll get put into whatever it is they come up with to
house a few hundred more students. I figure there will be a few new dorms,
maybe a “fraternity row” type of location too. Not all bad, but I want to
have something beyond a dorm. I’m sure we all see the benefit to

I’ve also heard from several other brothers so I’ll try to add those emails too. It’s too bad that I’m not really knowledgeable about these “new fangled computer things.” My step son is always telling me “Damn it Rick, you know how to do that!” But alas, he’s wrong I don’t. The next one is from Matt Hickman, I just got it this morning. Welcome Matt, thanks for sending your address, and congratulations on the little girl!

Hi Rick –
My name is Matt Hickman and I am also a Delt, MC class of ’95. JP
forwarded your message to me / please feel free to add me to the

After having lived in Columbus for several years, my wife Becky and I relocated to Charlotte, NC. Early in 2004 we moved back to the Columbus area – changed jobs, built a house, and welcomed our first child into the world – a healthy baby girl, Jillian Eva, who will be one year old on Nov. 27th!

We’re hoping to make it down for Homecoming later this month. I’ve unfortunately lost touch with a lot of people over the years but I did find a few old email addresses to forward your message on to, so hopefully you’ll hear from some others…

I also got an email from Lance Koved, and he made me jealous! I have never had the opportunity to see the Stones, sure would like to though. The mention about Kirby is that I got his address and sent the last email to him but he had an automatic block on his address, so I didn’t get through to him. Hopefully this one will.

Just to let you know, I tried Kirby’s address and it worked for me. No reply yet though. Lots of names from the past on your list. It would be nice to catch up with eveyone again but thats a pipe dream.

Went to the rolling stones concert last weekend in Hershey Pa. Absolutely awesome. One of our banks gave me $350 tickets. Well worth it. The crowd was on its feet the whole performance.

Lance, I don’t know why we couldn’t have that “pipe dream,” 2008 is far enough off that people have the time to make plans. Anyway, that is my hope, let me live in my fantasy world for a bit longer. :-)!

I also have heard from Bob Exten, that was nice. Haven’t heard from him for a long time. I got notes from JP Clowes (thanks for forwarding these JP), Anthony Fish, Bob Simerlick, and an undergrad; Dan May (see you in a couple of weeks Dan May). I just went and checked my mail and got a note from the Delts, it has homecoming information. And just in case the guys don’t have your correct address and you didn’t get the newsletter, here is a web site for you; http://www.marietta.edu/~delts Jordan Herrick, the chapter President says that they are making changes to it. Check it out!

He also says that the chapter took 11 pledges in the fall rush. Good going undergrads! That gets the chapter up to 46 men, WOW! I guess that is enough for this time. I hope to see you at homecoming, and I hope that the weather is WARM, us southern boys don’t do well in the cold!

Rick Neel ’73

Here is the 2nd part of post #3

Hello, this is going to be really short. I just sent out a note to you all. These addresses came back as bad, so if someone could forward them the note on, I would be appreciative.

C.Myers, J.Kirby, M. Dole, and R.Wiedenfeld

I can’t believe that I don’t have Matt Dole’s correct email address, and also, I don’t have one for Fergie. Any help in this would be appreciated.

Thanks, Rick