Rick Neel: DTD at MC #26

Hello everyone (again!)

This is pretty soon to be doing this again, as I don’t want to load up anyone’s email box and begin to look like the junk mail that we all get in our snail mail box. But I had some questions that I failed to answer the last time, and I want to give you all a list of the bad addresses that I have so you can help me update them before Christmas time falls on the retail world and I don’t have time for anything else (that’s Wednesday for those of you who aren’t retailers!).

The questions that I received are concerning the fund raising drive for new ritual equipment. One of them I can answer, and the other one I will be forwarding on to Hartsy, Fergie, and Craig. Guys please get back to me and/or Chris Kurtz. Preferably both, since I’m sure he isn’t the only one with this type of question. Darrell Pritchard is a contractor and may be able to help also, if he had dimensions.

Anyway, here are the questions, in the order I received them:

“Regrettably, I was unable to make this past homecoming (which is the first one I have missed since my days as an undergrad and my recent years as an alumni) due to my obligations to my men’s rugby club here in Roanoke, Va. I have a question concerning the ritual equipment. I agree that the chapter is in need of new equipment, and I am all for donating what I can. I was just curious to whether or not there was a set asking level or just donate what you can. I would love to see the chapter in new equipment the next time I am back to Marietta and the Ritual is performed. Through Fraternal Brotherhood,Jeremy ‘Jake’ Dornon, Class of ’02”

Jake, in answer to your question about donating, any amount will be gratefully accepted. I know I’m speaking for the undergrads and alumni with that statement. Think about it, even if the equipment cost $1000 to buy from International (and I don’t know that it does, I’m just picking a round number here) with the 100+ alums that are in our address list, it would take a $10 donation from each of us to come up with the necessary amount. Heck, that is the amount of a movie ticket and popcorn. So thanks from all of us for whatever you can help with.

Next is from Chris Kurtz:

“If it would be possible, is there a way someone could send me thedimensions of the items. I have some connections with some prettygood scene shops in the new york area and may be able to come up withsomething really nice. I am talking specifically about the largeritems that Greg referred to.Thanks,Chris Kurtz ’93”

Chris, I’m going to have to refer your question to the “big boys – Ferg, Hartsy, and Craig”. Simply because I’m not sure if that information can be given out, since the ritual is secret. However, I know that International has it built by someone, so perhaps it can be. Could you guys please get back to me with a ruling on this subject so we can inform the brothers?

I find it very gratifing that so many of the brothers care enough about our ritual to be interested in helping get us new equipment. Thanks! and to everyone else, even if we can have it made, rather than buy it, it still will have a cost that has to be footed though perhaps it will be less that way.

Here is a note from Cory Medina, and he just happened to slip through the cracks somehow, sorry Cory. Make plans off now so you will be able to make it in 2008, or call in sick!!! (Kidding there, sort of 🙂 )

“Thanks for keeping me updated with all of the EY happenings. I wasnt able to make homecoming this year — well i havent made one yet — becuase of the ol’ job, but i’ll be visiting sometime in December, im sure. It’s great to hear the chapter is doing so well — 55 guys is f-ing awesome! looking forward to your next update.cory medina ’04”

Here are the names that I get kicked back to me, and I’m sure that some of them can be found by you guys. Please help out if you can.

Jason Jianella (seems like I lose him from time to time), Michael Conaty, John McMenamin,Tom Tintera, Ron Rees (he lives in Marietta), Ken Kavula, Rich Hruska, Alan Head, Rich Miller, Ric Gough (Bruce Miller these 2 you should be able to help me with!), Mike Lowe (he lives at 707 Quarry Street, in Marietta, help me undergrads!), Charles Howell, Lance Zant, Mark (Pele) Russell, and Steve Critchlow (if we can find him, I suspect we will be able to find Andy James!).

That’s the list. There are still many brothers that I don’t have and I want to find them in time to get them back for our 40th anniversary. Oops, I just remembered I got an address at homecoming and I haven’t put it in yet. Slap my hand. Sorry to Trent Elliott, I will correct it now! Hops, be sure to include him in your list. ( it is: moc.p1518990752rocei1518990752m@tto1518990752illeT1518990752) Thanks.

Have a good week (I’ll leave you alone for a while now) and a Happy Halloween. Rick Neel ’73