Rick Neel: DTD at MC #24

Hi Guys,

Just a short quick note today, as I begin my packing for my trip back home for the weekend festivities (and the weather report calls for cold, rainy weather. Highs are supposed to be in the 50’s most of the time. That is cold for this transplanted southern boy! Ah well, thank goodness for inside places (like the Town House!)

I got a note from Joe Matheny, who had a request for help. I forwarded it on to the undergrads, but any alumni in the Marietta area might be interested as well. Here is his note.

Rick and all brothers,

My wife and I have had a rather worrisome summer and continues into this fall season, Our son is serving the US Army 4th Infantry as a 2nd Lt. in Bagdad, Iraq.

He is due to return to the states early Dec. He graduated from University of Cincinnati 2005. We have joined with the VFW #5108 to bring the Ohio Flags of Honor to Marietta the weekend of Nov 3rd, 4th & 5th. The opening ceremony will be at 5:30pm Friday the 3rd. We could use many more people to carry and Post the flags during the roll call of fallen soldiers from Ohio.

This will be an memorial serivce and tribute to the men and women that have lost their lives since 2003 in Iraq and Afghanitsan. This would be a great service to the community if Marietta College could be represented by Delts.

You can easily reach my wife at her work place O’Neill Senior Center 373-3914 if this is something anyone would be interested in doing. Thanks. I am currently the VP of Ohio High School Golf Coaches Assoc. and am working the state golf tournament Thurs, Fri & Sat in Columbus, Ohio as a rules judge, so will not be able to be around the house on Sat.

Best of Luck for a great Homecoming weekend full of events.

Joe Matheny ’75

It was really nice to hear from Joe, I’ve been trying to touch base with him during my trips for the last couple of years and have just missed on several occasions. Hope to catch up with him soon though.

Next is something that is bad news for the Greek movement at MC. I got this from the Marietta Times today, so I’ll attach a link for you. It seems that the DU’s have been indefinately suspended from the campus and will have to vacate thier house. They have been accused of having an alcohol rush party (off campus) and allegedly hazing pledges. There is a fear on some DU’s that they may lose thier charter. While I know that the Delts don’t haze, and never have, this gives the fraternity world another black eye. And hopefully will serve as a reminder to all groups to be careful in what you do. Here is the link:
Sure is bad timing for them with Homecoming right around the corner.

To close this email, and finish getting ready. I have to say that I have to remove a few of names from my mailing list, due to consistently getting them returned as undeliverable. If any of you have correct addresses for these brothers, please forward this to them and send me the updated address. Thanks!

John McMenamin, Michael Contay, Matt Joy (and he only lives across the river!!!), and Jason Jianella.

Have to go, hope all of you have a good week.
Rick Neel ’73