Rick Neel: DTD at MC #23

Hello everyone,

Here we are with just a week to go until Homecoming. I will be getting on a plane on Thursday morning and hitting Marietta on Thursday night. Should hit campus on Friday sometime, hope to see a bunch of you.

I was very pleased with the result of our last email. We must have had 6 or 7 responses to it. Very nice. I wish that there had been more saying that the brother was going to be there, but what the heck! It shows that guys are reading and communicating with each other, and I think that is GREAT!!! Keep it up.

The poll that I presented last time about continuing the emails or just posting on the Blog site has been overwhelming in support of the email. So be it! I will continue to do it this way and then post on the Blog site. Please, if you come in contact with any Delts that haven’t been getting this, ask them to contact me and direct them to the Blog. Thanks.

Speaking of contacting me, I have a couple of corrected email addresses: Chris Kurtz moc.l1519325379iamg@1519325379ztruk1519325379qc1519325379 and David Frick moc.r1519325379r.sub1519325379muloc1519325379@tnek1519325379cirf1519325379. Thanks for updating with me guys. Have you corrected with the EU website?

Let’s see what is happening this week. Goose Kitson is the chapter candidate for Homecoming King, EU has won the last 3 years, so Goose is going for #4. Good luck Goose!

In the most recent issue of the Rainbow, on the inside back cover, there is a picture and short article on Fergie. He received the Alfred P. Sheriff III Award for being an Outstanding Chapter Advisor. I wrote Fergie and wished him my congratulations, to which he responded that his friends have told him that they were going to use the picture to keep varmits out of the basement. So I suspect that is an acceptable use! Seriously, from all of us, Ferg. Thanks! You have been a guiding light for a whole lot of Marietta Delts, and we all appreciate it. Keep up the good work.

Also, in the same issue of the Rainbow, Jeffrey Houston was initiated into the Order of Omega. Congratulations Jeff! I asked Fergie what that was, and found that several of our brothers have been initiated. Here is what he told me: ” Order of the Omega is a greek honorary for people that maintain a certain point average and are very active in the Greek world. We have had probably 15 or so initiated into it. Also, alumni can get into it. I was tapped at Marietta College. If it existed in Cincy, I was not aware of it. “

Fergie also gave me this information about rush, and it sounds like the guys have done a good job.

“By the way,we now have 15 pledges. One is from Marietta and used to hang around my house last year. My son who goes to UC always had a bunch of guys visiting and just having fun hanging out. They seem like a really goodbunch again. For the second semester, I think we may get 4 or more. Other chapters are not doing the job and are having problems.”

That is all that I have this time, when I get home I’ll let you all know what you missed. I’ll take some pictures if I remember my camera and then let someone post a link to them. To those of you that are planning on going to Marietta, look me up, I’d like to meet you.

Have a good week. Rick Neel ’73