Rick Neel: DTD at MC #22

Good afternoon everyone,

Well it is just over 2 weeks until Homecoming. How many of you will I see there? Hope it is a lot. Be sure to check out the Delt web site for the agenda of events. The address, for those who don’t know it, is: http://www.marietta.edu/~delts/ They have quite a bit lined up to keep us occupied. The dates again are Oct. 13th -15th. Just for us the price of gas is coming down, it is reported to be $2.28 in Marietta. No excuses!

Have you all checked out the Delt Blog? http://mcdeltalumni.blogspot.com/ Shawn Selby wrote a blog about his trip to Marietta, check it out. Thanks to a couple of brothers, we now have all the emails except for #1, 2, 3. They are in the hands of Shawn, and he is supposed to get them added. I’m sure he will, when he has a minute. If he can’t figure it out, we will get the Undergrad webmaster to help us out. Anyone who has the first 3, please send them to me. Thanks.

Speaking of the Blog, I have a survey for you all. Do you prefer to get these things as an email, or would you prefer that I just post them on the Blog? Let me know what you think. My first thought is to keep sending them directly to you, and then posting them on the site. That way I know you get them.

Let’s see what is going on with the Chapter. The undergrads have pledged 13 new men, with a goal of 15. They hope to have reached that goal by the end of the semester. The chapter is very happy with the quality of men that pledged. They are involved in the campus community and interested in the things that DTD is involved in. They should fit in well with the chapter and help in taking it to a higher level. Good luck guys! Get us the Hugh Shields in time for 2008!

Unfortunately, not all of the men returned for the school year so the chapter size was down to about 40 before pledging. And this is a big year for the seniors so the pledge class was sorely needed.

I heard from some alums this time so I’ll pass along the news for you. Please keep us in mind when something happens in your life! I received an email from a new alum with his address: Michael Tita; moc.c1518990112ias@a1518990112tit.l1518990112eahci1518990112m1518990112 Welcome Michael. He picked up my message on the MC message board.

Tim Cox sends his regrets about not being able to come to homecoming. That’s OK Tim, just be sure to keep 2008 open for our 40th! Good luck on the play, Tim. Break a leg! (Isn’t that what they say in theatre?) Here is what he had to say:

Thanks for your updates and for the nod to the ol’ website. Sadly, I will unable to attend Homecoming this year because of a new play that I’m working on, but will try to make it back later in the year. (Anything to get back to annoy Matt Dole). Thanks again. Keep the updates coming.


Tim Cox’ 99

*protected email*

I got the following message from Jess Raines, and he got me thinking (shut up Shawn, I do from time to time!) I have had to break up my mailing list into 2 sections because we are getting too big (over 115 names). I should print a list of all the alums I have, so you all can have a copy of our address list. I have also noticed that the Delt Alumni address list has some names that I don’t have, so check them out. The only problem is, I’m not sure how to do that. So I will have to get some help, which I will. Here is his message:

I think I sent this before but did not see him in the list. Please add Todd Spence *protected email* to your e-mail list.

I am forwarding this message to him.


That’s all I have this time. Hope to see you in Marietta in October. And be sure to keep DTD in mind for 2008, our 40th year on campus.

Have a good week!

Rick Neel ’73