Rick Neel: DTD at MC #22.5


I forgot to include one piece of news I got. I also screwed up an address.

Here is the corrected address: moc.c1519325764ias@a1519325764tiT.l1519325764eahci1519325764M1519325764 Sorry Michael…

The piece of news I forgot to include is from Lance Koved.

By the way, we’ve sold the house and I am semi retiring and moving to Boynton Beach Fl next month. I will commute to the office in PA once or twice a month. We are tired of the cold weather.


Good luck Lance, may your retirement be very happy! Now you have no excuse to miss our 40th! I sure know what you mean about the snow and cold weather.

There you go, I guess that is REALLY all I have. Enjoy! Rick