Rick Neel: DTD at MC #21

Hello guys,

I really am proud to be writing this email. For I have an announcement to make. My email campaign has taken on a new life and a new place in the internet.

Thanks to Shawn Selby. We now have our own blog, at blogspot.com. The address is: http://mcdeltalumni.blogspot.com/ I hope that everyone will bookmark it and check it out from time to time. Comments are certianly welcome and can be posted on the site. (I’m not sure how it works, but I suspect that comments can be added to the main blog for brothers enjoyment. Or will be, one way or another!)

I intend to ask Hunter to see if the chapter will post a link to our blog on the chapter web site. That would be really nice I think. What do you say Hunter? Will you pose that question to the chapter, and get it done if the brothers approve? Thanks!

This does bring up a request however. While I know that my writing is deserving of a Pulitzer Prize, I seem to have deleted several of the early emails. If any one has managed to save them please forward them to me, or Shawn (he might be the better choice, since I’m pretty stupid about these things) moc.n1518989940iarc@1518989940ybles1518989940s1518989940 . That way we can make the blog complete.

Our thinking was that any new brother that we find and add to our list, doesn’t have the enjoyment (???) of reading the earlier emails. A heartfelt thanks to you for sending them back to me!

Now, lets see what is happening in the world of EU. Rush is ending today, with the extending of bids. Below is a list of the chapters rush activities. I will post the number of bids extended and accepted the next time. Hopefully the chapter got a bunch of quality guys, and I’m sure they did.

Rush events:

o Mon – 5-7 Cookout in Hermann Bowl

o Tues – 8-10 Rush Journey – wear dress pants and a button up shirt, tie optional (do not wear your pin if you do not wear a tie

o Wed – 8-10 Bonfire in Hermann Bowl

o Thurs – Bids handed out from 7 – 8

Matty K was elected Senior Senator to the college Student Senate. Congratulations to Matty. So the Delts are even better represented on campus.

Fergie told the chapter:

“Homecoming coming up – make sure to let alumni know asap so they can work it into their schedule.”

I hope that they take that seriously, but remember, you got the dates here. Oct. 13-15. I hope to see you there.

Please send me your comments on how your life is progressing, and anything else you would like to share with the guys. As usual, please pass this on to any brother who isn’t getting it.

And remember, our 40th anniversary as a chapter is in 2008! Make your plans. My brother Jim is planning on coming (I keep telling him he is gonna be there!) and Darrell Pritchard (my big brother) is getting used to the idea (I have an ally there, his wife!)

Have a good week,

Rick Neel ’73

P.S. I don’t know if I ever included this, but Tim Cox, one of our brothers, has a web site. If I never posted it before, here it is: http://www.timothyjcox.com/