Rick Neel: DTD at MC #20

Hello everyone,

Well here we are in September only a little over a month from homecoming. For those of you who don’t know, or don’t remember it is the weekend of October 14th and 15th. So mark your calendars and try to make it!

For those of you that have mentioned to me that you enjoy the ritual of the chapter, there is some good news. Sunday evening the 15th there is ritual scheduled for one of the pledges. I got to attend an activation ceremony last April and enjoyed it very much. I found that after all these years the ritual meant more to me and the brothers who presented it did an excellent job. If travel time allows you, I hope you will attend.

I have a new address for Chad Showen, those of you who know him, make note of it. He isn’t sure how much longer his MC address will hold. Chad, I am sending this to both of your addresses, let me know that I got it right please. Here it is: moc.o1519325389ohay@1519325389newoh1519325389S_dah1519325389C1519325389. For any other recent grads who I still have your MC address, please send me an updated one (and DTD/EU also!)

I received an email from Chris Devine ’04 (or is it ’05 since you graduated in December?). And he wanted me to let you all know that Tyler Johnson recently got married … but I’ll let him tell you himself, as well as what he is doing with his life:


This is Chris Devine alum of Dec 04. I am going to send a quick reply so that you can know I really do enjoy your updates and because everytime I think of doing it, I forget.

Anyway I’m up in Cleveland working for American Greetings as a Graphic Designer and Server at good ol’ Red Lobster on the weekends. I saw that you mentioned Tyler Johnson who I am good friends with and just attended his wedding (which seemed like one big Delt function), so make sure you tell him congrats.

Anyway I look forward to the next update and thanks again for them, they are great.

Chris Devine ’04

Thanks for the “attaboy” Chris, and thanks for letting everyone know what your doing.

A while ago, I was reading the Marietta Times online and came across an article about MC. It is about the leadership program and Bob Petersons upcoming visit. Seems as if several Delt undergrads are involved with Bob’s program. Here is the link to the article, if you’re interested. http://mariettatimes.com/news/story/new88_830200680322.asp.

I guess that is all I have this time. As usual, pass this along to any brother that you are in contact with that isn’t getting it, and ask them to get in touch with me. Let me know what is happening in your life, so I can pass it along. And I’ll see you all at homecoming, where we can root MC on to the Alonzo Stagg Bowl (as I write this MC is 1-0).

Have a good week.

Rick Neel ’73