Rick Neel: DTD at MC #18

Hello everybody,

Sorry that it has been so long since I have written but what the heck, it’s summer! Hope that all of you are having a good one, enjoying the time with your family and friends. I have been, and am enjoying my summer.

Let’s see what has been happening. I guess that this email isn’t going to be so much about DTD, but about MC. It has been a pretty good year for our alma mater, the baseball team won the Div III World Series for the first time since Coach Schaly died. I listened to the final game on MariettaOnline.com where it was broadcast live. Pretty exciting I thought. If you are interested, you might check the site out, I believe that they broadcast a lot of MC’s games (all sports). Then I read an article in the Marietta Times (online edition) about the reliever in that game, Mike DeMark, he signed a contract to play professionally. The part of the article that I found interesting though, was the comment that said that MC was one of the smallest schools in the NCAA division III. I had no idea that was the case.

The next thing that was pretty special this year is that MC won the Dad Vail in Philadelphia. The big race, the mens varsity 8. Way to go MC. It was a pretty special spring for Marietta.

Now for some news about DTD. In the issue of the Marietta College Trailblazer that I just received, at commencement Jordan Herrick (the immediate past president of EU received the Adair Prize. I don’t remember what that prize is for, but I know that it is pretty impressive. Perhaps Jordan can write and let us all know what that prize signifies and how he won it. I would like to extend my congratulations to Jordan on a job well done.

Then in the most recent issue of The Rainbow there are a series of articles concerning the value of diversity in growing the fraternity. There are 2 articles printed there by EU undergraduates.

I just got home from visiting my Mother in Florida and while I was there, I had the opportunity to see Al Morrison ’74 and his wife Patti. Both are doing very well and enjoying living in the warmth of Florida. Al has stepped down from being the CFO for his company and is now managing an office complex in St Petersburg and playing a lot of golf. He tells me that he has won the last two club championships, though he hasn’t managed to get a hole in one yet (but his sister in law did!). Al (and his wife) tell me that he is planning on being in Marietta in 2008 for our 40th. And if you should happen to be in the Tampa area, be sure to give them a call.

A request for you all (actually 2), if you are in contact with Matt Joy or Jason Jianella please have them contact me with a correct address, the one that I have from them hasn’t gotten through since February and I am going to have to delete them from the list. Also, lately, my posts haven’t gotten through to Shawn Selby for some reason. So if you are in contact with him, please forward this on to him.

A quick reminder, at homecoming this year. Bob Peterson will be on campus for his leadership conference period. And the chapter 40th reunion will be in 2008. Make your plans now.

Have a great summer, drop me a line when you can.

Rick Neel ’73