Rick Neel: DTD at MC #17

Hello everyone,

I made it back from Marietta and the golf outing.

There were only 7 of us that played, but we all had a good time and really enjoyed the weather. Especially after last year when we had to suffer through the rain and freezing cold. It was a great day for golf. In fact 3 of the guys decided to play another 18 at a different course. (Not me though, I’m much too smart for that kind of nonsense!)

There were 2 groups at the course, 1st was made up of Drew Kern, Fergie, and Chris Goebel, and the 2nd had me, Matt Dole, Mike Porath, and Hartsy. The 1st team won the match, they were 7 under par while my team finished 3 over.

Of course you have to keep in mind that my team was operating under a severe handicap … me. I lost my notes of what happened during the game, and all I have were the happenings on my 4 some. What ever newsworthy things came from the other group I’ll report IF! I hear them.

About the only thing that I recall from our group (aside from my misques, that I have somehow forgotten) was the record setting drive that Matt Dole hit. It was -18 inches. That’s right, the drive went backwards. (Sorry, Matt, couldn’t resist!)

On Friday night, the chapter had the Rite of Iris for it’s spring pledge class and the report I got was that it was very good, I didn’t have the opportunity to see it.

Then on Sunday morning the chapter initiated 4 men from it’s spring class. They changed the time of the initiation from Sunday night to 11:00 morning so that the alumni could attend. I thought that was extremely considerate of the undergrads.

The ceremony was very well done, and all of the ritual had been committed to memory. I was impressed, and even though I hadn’t heard it in mmaannyyy years, I found that some of it came back to me. Thanks guys for an enjoyable morning.

The alums that made it to the initiation are Jess Raines, Shawn Selby and myself. Congratulations to the new members.

Help the chapter climb to a higher level of success!

For the alumni who pledged money for The Delt Pledge. The chapter initiated 4 men during the spring. I gave my check for $40.00 to the chapter. So feel free to send your check in, better make it pretty quick though, the semester is about over.

Speaking of the semester being about over, I have the pleasure of welcoming 4 men to the ranks of EU alumnihood. 3 men graduated and one is transferring. Welcome guys! They are Jordon Herrick, Jeff Houston, and Chad Showen, our graduating seniors. James Kane is transferring, so while he is still an undergrad, he is now an alumnus for EU.

Guys, when you get settled in the next stage of your life, be sure to keep us aware of your current email address. And remember to come back often, but especially in 2008!

I had the opportunity to talk to Randy (Awk) Williams while I was in Marietta, he told me that he had hoped to play golf with us, but he had to take his niece to her prom on Saturday.

Sorry you didn’t get the chance to play Awk, but it was sure nice to talk to you!

One last thought for you. On the airplane going to Ohio I thought about men wanting to join the fraternity, but not having the money to pay thier initiation fees. I think that it would be a real shame to lose a good man for that reason. So here is my thought, perhaps we alums could set up a fund to help needy brothers pay for their initiation. I see this fund as being self renewing by having the member sign a promisary note to repay the loan and a small amount of interest. My feeling is that a decision to make this loan should be made by the chapter advisor and an alumni committee, with input from the chapter. What do you think about this? Let me know, and maybe we can develop some dialouge about it.

That’s all I have for this time, enjoy your week.

Rick Neel ’73

PS I have a link for Karnea for anyone that is interested in going. It is in Indianapolis this year.