Rick Neel: DTD at MC #15

Hello everyone,

I can’t believe that I have written 15 of these things now.

I just started out not knowing what I wanted to accomplish other than trying to make EU’s 40th anniversary something that we can all look back on with happiness.

That, of course, is still the primary goal. But this thing seems to have taken on a bit of life on its own, and for that I have to thank all of you. Please keep forwarding this to any brother who’s name you don’t see in the address list and encourage them to contact me so I can add their address to our database.

And now on to what little I have to say today.

The new issue ofthe Protimoi is now posted on the Delt web page. You can find that at: www.marietta.edu/~delts

Check it out, and contact the chapter with what you would like to see included in the Alumni section of the website. As Hunter says, it is for us and unless we tell them what we want to see, they have no idea.

The golf outing is fast approaching, it will be the end of this month (April 22), and if you are interested in participating, please contact Matt Dole; *protected email* or Hartsy; *protected email* to make your reservations. The fee for the day is $50.00 and that includes the round of golf, the cart and prizes (whatever that means!).

I’m sure that I will win the prize forthe worst golfer so none of you have a chance at that one.

Also that weekend, the chapter will be doing some ritual work including the Rite of Iris and a formal meeting will be that weekend for those interested in attending. Also it is the weekend of the undergrad spring formal, and I understand that we are invited to attend.

I received an email “brother update” which I will include for you and an updated email address for a brother. Both follow.

Lee Boveroux has a new address, please make note. ten.t1519325425sacmo1519325425c@xuo1519325425revob1519325425lg1519325425.

The note I got is from Rich Wolf, it is good to hear from you Rich, hope to see you soon!

Don’t forget to send me something about what you are doing with your life.
Or if you have some news about anotherone of our brothers, send it along. I will print 2nd hand news also 🙂

BROTHER RICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for not responding after your last e-mail to me … life has been very hectic here in Hot Springs, Arkansas, where I am currently employed as President of Arkansas Aluminum Alloys, Inc. – one of thelargest independent secondary aluminum smelters in the country.

We have 175 employees and produce 12-14 million lbs./month ofspecification
aluminum alloys for the die casting industry.

Patsy and I will be celebrating our 27th wedding anniversary in July and I will celebrate my 30th anniversary since graduating from MC in the class of 1976. Can you believe it?? I have two grown girls – Sarah graduated from Ohio University in 2005 and is attending graduate school in Industrial/OrganizationalPsychology at the University of New Haven (CT); Sarah also is doing work study and is an intern in the HR department at St. Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury.

Megan is a 2005 graduate of Lakeside HS here in Hot Springs and is attending UConn as a Presidential scholar. Megan is playing volleyball for UConn and is working as a research associate in the Kinesiology department – she is preparing for medical school in the field of Sports Medicine. She recently joined Alpha Beta Epsilon(biology honors) coed fraternity.

With both kids in CT, I don’t believe I will have the chance to attend homecoming this year but I will make certain to return to MC for the chapter’s 40th … please keep me posted as the details come together for this momentous event.

Best regards,


That’s all I have this time, hope to see all of you at the golf outing. I know that I (and several others) owe the chapter for spring pledges, when I get back I’ll let you know how much was raised.

Rick Neel ’73