Rick Neel: DTD at MC #13

Well I did it, I cut out the names of the bad addresses that I have been receiving on a regular basis.

I also cut out the addresses of the undergrads that were using the college web addresses. This was at the request of the undergraduates.

Please, when you change email addresses, as we all sometimes do, let me know so I can update you.

I am going to list the names of those that I had the bad addresses for. If any of you are in contact with them, please ask them to provide me with a correct email address. Also, thanks to Hunter Jonsson at the chapter, I got several new addresses, to those of you that are new – welcome.

I sent the current, correct (I hope) address list to the undergrads so they could update the alum address list on the chapter website. So when you need/want to contact that classmate you can look there, or contact me and I will send it to youif I have it.

Would it be helpful to you all if I was to attach alist of the addresses that I have? If interested, let me know.

As you all know now, the golf outing is scheduled on April 22. It will be at the Golf Club of WV in Waverly. The same place we held it last year (in the freezing rain!). We did have a decent turnout last year even with the bad weather, 13 of us started and about 1/2 actually finished the course. The rest of us were wimps and quit after 9 holes. The cost will be $50.00 each. That will include thegreen fees, cart, and prizes.

I have been told that information will be forthcoming in the next issue of the Protomi, which if you haven’t seen, I highly recommend that you check it out. The address is: www.marietta.edu/~delts

I have a room at the Comfort Inn for the weekend and they have an indoor pool, if you all are interested, perhaps we could have anevening at pool side. Let me know when we hit town.

As I told you last email, BAM sent an email to the chapter correcting the history of the chapter that is on the website, and sending a note to Ken Kavula about updating the chapter about the early history. I was told that Ken has gotten in touch with the chapter, and they are in the process of picking his memory about the early days, which they intend to share with us in upcoming issues ofthe Protimoi.

Speaking of the Protimoi, the chapter corresponding chairman is Hunter Jonsson, who is a junior so we will have his expertise in communicating with us for another 2 years, has made a pledge to be prompter on the publication of the Protimoi, and said “feel free to harass me if I slack off” which I promised him I would not hesitate to do.

Also, if there is something that you would like to see included in future issues of the Protimoi, be sure to let Hunter know at the chapter email address: *protected email*

Here is the list of the brothers I deleted from my address book. Help me out here, please.

Also with any other brothers you are in contact with that aren’t getting this.

This brings to mind the fact that for a limited time we had Little Sisters. If you are in contact with them, and they would like to be included, let me know.

The List:

Scott Gilmore, Jason Honey, Ken Kavula, Richard Ptak, William Elliott, Michael Simmons, Jeff Stern, Greg Vanderlay, Rob Wiedenfeld, TimParsons, Joseph Wood, Keith Zak, and Matthew Mancall.

Please help me find these guys and all the rest, and if your name is here, all I can say is “oops.”

Hope to see all of you at the golf outing. Be sure to mark your calendars, the 40th anniversary is in 2008.

Rick Neel ’73