Rick Neel: DTD at MC #11

Hello everyone,

I have an article that I copied from the MC website today.

It is quite an accomplishment for one of our brothers. Bob Peterson is going to be in Marietta for a stint with the McDonough LeadershipCenter. The article is posted below.

It’s another reason to come to Marietta for homecoming, to renew acquaintences with Bob or meet himfor the first time.

I also want to remind you all to please forward this on to any brothers that aren’t getting it, so perhaps they will send me their email address so I can include them.

I learned recently that Al Morrison wasn’t getting these, even though I KNOW that I have the correct address for him, and I wasn’t getting them kicked back to me. So that is probably happening to others that I’m not aware of.

If you enjoy getting these, pass them on. Thanks.

Also, I have some bad addresses, ones that get refused every time I send these out, I will be deleteing them from the address book in the next few days. I’ll make a list of them and post it the next time so you can help me get correct addresses.

I have been informed that the Delt web site will soon have itsfirst issue of Protimoi (that must be Greek for “Alumni Newsletter”) posted on its site. Please check it out. The Delt website is: www.marietta.edu/~Delts or if that doesn’t work then try: www.marietta.edu and go to the Student Life section.

You may want tocheck out the MC site also, it has an alumni email directory and message board.

Here is the article about Bob Peterson, hope you enjoy it. Untilthe next time, keep sending me the updates on your life to share with everyone. I’ll see you at the golf outing.

Rick Neel ’73

Robert (Bob) E. Peterson, president of the Wickaboag Consulting Group, is joining the McDonough Center for Leadership and Businessfaculty as Executive-in-Residence for the fall 2006 semester.

Peterson, a 1976 graduate of Marietta College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Media, will be on campus for two weeks during the fallto lead an experiential project involving competing teams that willselect local companies, study them, develop a marketing communications strategic plan, and produce a communication program. The students will be chosen this spring and divided into groups tobegin preliminary work assigned by Peterson.

During his two-week stay in the fall, Peterson will provide leadership to the teams. A faculty panel led by Peterson will choose the winners of the competition.”We were looking for a business leader with vast internationalexperience who could explore leadership from an interdisciplinary perspective,” said Dr. Gama Perruci, Dean of the McDonough Center.”Mr. Peterson is perfect for this focus. He will bring marketing, management, communications and organizational leadership together in exciting new ways. He is also very enthusiastic about providing students with hands-on experiences. We are looking forward to his contribution to the McDonough Center and its leadership curriculum.”

He becomes the second participant in the Executive program. Henry Jelinek ’68 was the initial Executive in Residence during the fall of2004.The Executive-in-Residence Program at the McDonough Center allows asenior executive from a major business enterprise to spend ameaningful period of time on campus interacting with students andfaculty. The Executive-in-Residence shares his/her own perspective on leadership — drawn from his/her experience in the business world. In turn, students and faculty have an opportunity to gain their own insights through their interaction with the Executive-in-Residence.