Rick Neel: DTD at MC #10

Hello everyone,

Well, the chapter is back up and operating again. Winter breakis over. Have a great spring semester Delts. Make some news thatwill make us proud!

In fact, now that I think about it, having another Hugh Shields award would be a really wonderful thing to beable to show off for our 40th anniversary. Why don’t you guys do thatfor the chapter? Be a nice award for the excellent past few yearsthat you have strung together.

What did you think, was that a great email from Shawn Selby or not? I thought it was, and he sure presented a bunch of pretty good ideas for the chapter (both alumni and undergraduates) to consider.
I suspect that if his ideas aren’t what people want to do, they surelywill spark many new ideas from a lot of people. I personally liked his idea that a lot of the things for the 40th anniversary (that’s in2008 by the way!) need to be worked on by both the undergrads and thealumni in concert.

I didn’t like the fact that he feels that I can’t write (kidding there, I know I can’t, but I try and will continue to try!).

Another thing that Shawn accomplished that I like, is he got MattDole to respond, so I will include his response below. I wasn’t awarethat it was pick on Matt day though … I missed it, darn it. I think that Matt is a pretty special person in EU history. He was thepresident during some pretty rough days. There was some doubt as tothe chapter making it or having to fold.

With the help of some alums, Fergie, Matt, and the few brothers we had, the chapter came back. And came back strong. If you are interested in that story, contact Hartsy, Matt, and/or Fergie.

Speaking of stories, if you didn’t get Shawn’s email because itwas too long, or some other reason, let me know and I’ll forward it to you.

I haven’t heard about the golf outing yet, when I do, I’ll let you know.

Now for the Dole response to Shawn. It’s good to hear from you Matt, see you at the golf outing …


THIS is my correct email address. *protected email*. Any other email addresses anyone may have for me can be thrown away.

My goal has been to stay three steps ahead of the Bush Administration’s domestic surrveillance, which while completely legal and helpful to our homeland is scary to me. I would rather not have the CIA or NSAknow just how many of the “If you love Jesus, you will forward this to ten friends” emails that I send.

In addition, I hope to keep my business relationship with the sister of the Emir of Albania a secret until she does indeed deposit my share of the $12 million she is “investing” forher brother into my bank account which I provided the numbers for long ago.

Secondly, If Selby is going to start throwing punches, I figure I better get involved officially, rather than through the grapevine. Selby says there weren’t any alumni when he first graduated, well there weren’t any UNDERGRADS when I graduated, thus the Matt Dole show for a coupleyears there.

Actually, there was a small but great group of guys.They were not “eaten,” they were just standing behind me. Honestly,that is a lie as well – but I can bring the fat jokes too – the small core of undergrads were in class, and I never had that much use forthe “class” part of college, so I just hung around the guestbookwaiting for an alum to offer to buy dinner. (and boy did I wait …)

Actually, we are heading into the 5th reunion of graduation this year (a bit of a shiver typing that), and I am glad to say there is a good group of us still talking and getting together whenever possible. I work for Trent Elliott and his father now, and Trevor Brown and Brian Wolfe are up the road in Cambridge, Ohio.

We used to play poker on aregular basis but then we realized that Wolfie cheats, so we don’t do that as much anymore. (plus Wolfie is a Steelers fan, and who really wants tohang around a Steelers fan right now?)

Matt Joy is still inWilliamstown, He (I guess his wife had a hand in it as well) had his second child who they named Josh just before Christmas. Jeremy “Jake”Dornon used to be here, but he moved to Roanoke, Va., to get rich. We don’t expect to see him again, because he is the type of guy who will definitely forget the little people when he makes it big time. Oddly when that group of guys get together we still have a quorum to do business at EU per membership in 2000.

Nowadays we normally bestow greek freak on Wolfie and leave TheWhoPutTheHoleInTheWall/GoToClassFergieReport stuff to the undergrads. I am glad to see so many DTDers on this email chain, and I lookforward to a great
2006, and beyond.

If you or anyone on the list happens through Marietta, give me a jingle, excuses for hitting downtown are always appreciated.

Matt Dole