Proposed replacement bylaws for the Crescent Colony of Marietta (House Corp.)

Report of the Bylaws Committee of the Crescent Colony of Marietta, Ohio, Inc.

To the Marietta Delt Alumni:

On recommendation of Alumni President Jon A. Hartshorn ’89, and pursuant to a unanimous vote of the Marietta Delt Alumni who attended the house corporation meeting on Oct. 12, 2013, a Bylaws Committee was formed to evaluate and present to the alumni recommendations for changes to the bylaws.

Chaired by Hartshorn, the Bylaws Committee consists of Andy McIlvaine ’93, Joe Mester ’73, Greg Maloof ’67, Cory Medina ’03, Joshua Maxwell ’11, Alumni Vice President Matt Dole ’01, Alumni Secretary Shawn Selby ’92 and Alumni Treasurer Robert G. Ferguson ’71.

In the four months since the formation of the committee, members have been meeting through email and holding group and one-on-one discussions concerning the present bylaws of the Crescent Colony of Marietta, the nature of the organization as it has been constituted for the past 40 years and what shape it should be in to better serve the Epsilon Upsilon Chapter of Delta Tau Delta and the Marietta Delt Alumni as our membership comes to a demographic maturity.


The current bylaws of the Crescent Colony of Marietta, Ohio, which has been historically referred to by Marietta Delts as “House Corp.,” were written in the late 1960s in anticipation that the Epsilon Upsilon Chapter would soon acquire and own a house to be used as the Undergraduate Shelter. The legal entity of the Crescent Colony of Marietta, Ohio, Inc. was set up solely to own and manage a house.

The acquisition of a house never happened. From the Chapter’s founding in 1966 as local fraternity Beta Delta Epsilon through its stage as a crescent colony of Delta Tau Delta and to its nationalization in 1968, and through today, Marietta College has willingly and continuously provided the Chapter with a place to live. Our Chapter was formed at a time when the College was seeking to move all fraternities to college-owned housing. So, through a combination of a lack of resources as well as a Marietta College policy to have all fraternity houses under its ownership, we have existed as an organization to manage a property that does not exist.

As a result, the Crescent Colony of Marietta, unable to be what it is set up to be, has tinkered on the margins of playing at being a house corporation: Raising money to buy new furniture here and there; the occasional piece of recreational equipment; a computer; a television; and the like.

And lacking both a structure and a mandate to be an alumni association, the Crescent Colony of Marietta also has tinkered on the margins of that arena: Providing limited funds for development of Undergraduate members of the Epsilon Upsilon Chapter and backing quinquennial alumni celebrations.

Time for a change

We cannot — and will not — forget or ignore our responsibility to make sure that a Shelter is provided for Undergraduate Marietta Delts.

But if we are to ever acquire a property, and if we wish to effectively maintain it, it is absolutely vital that we have a strong Marietta Delt alumni body which is willing to support this Chapter with not only its money but with its time and talents.

When the current bylaws were written, there were no (or very few) Marietta Delt Alumni. Today, we have over 400 living Marietta Delt Alumni. Ninety-eight percent of all Marietta Delt Alumni are living. And we have not yet reached the demographic plateau where the number of alumni who die equals or surpasses the number of graduating Epsilon Upsilon seniors in any given year.

We expect to reach that demographic plateau within 20 years, with the Marietta Delt alumni body peaking around 600 members.

New bylaws, new focus

The committee found it nearly impossible to merely amend the present bylaws to give the organization the ability to build alumni capacity. So we went back to a blank sheet of paper and imagined how we would create an organization for Marietta Delt Alumni to belong to if none had existed.

Out of respect for our history — and to avoid onerous paperwork that would be required to change the corporate name — we are keeping the name of Crescent Colony of Marietta. But our proposed bylaws change darn near everything else about it.

These bylaws, if adopted, would:

  • Give the Crescent Colony the primary focus of being an alumni association with house corporation responsibilities. And in doing so, we would urge that it stopped being informally referred to as “house corp.” and start being called the “alumni association.”
  • Expand the membership of the organization to include Beta Delta Epsilon alumni who did not initiate into Delta Tau Delta; seniors in the Epsilon Upsilon Chapter; Delt alumni of other Chapters who have been appointed by Arch Chapter to advisory positions over the Epsilon Upsilon Chapter; Delt alumni of other Chapters who reside in the Marietta area who wish to be involved with the Epsilon Upsilon Chapter; and the Chapter’s Faculty Advisor, to demonstrate our commitment to the academic excellence of the Undergraduate Chapter.
  • Mandate a spring meeting to be held annually, along with the traditional meeting held during Marietta College’s Homecoming.
  • Codify the already-created Assistant Treasurer position and creates officers in charge of Chapter History, Alumni Activities & Affairs and Fundraising. And it also creates an officer in charge of a Crescent Colony-owned house, if and when such an event comes to pass.
  • Create a structure and goals in its capacity as an alumni association.
  • Maintain and reinforce responsibility for ensuring housing for Epsilon Upsilon Chapter.

The Bylaws Committee believes the time has come for the Crescent Colony to be able to function to the same high standards that we alumni held ourselves to when we were Undergraduates in the Epsilon Upsilon Chapter, and to hold ourselves to the same high standards our Undergraduate Brothers hold themselves to.

The Bylaws Committee believes these proposed bylaws give us the tools and the road map to achieve excellence.

The Bylaws Committee believes in Delta Tau Delta … as represented by both the Alumni and the Undergraduates Delts of Marietta College.

The Bylaws Committee endorses and urges the adoption of the Proposed Bylaws for The Crescent of Marietta, Ohio, Inc., at the spring meeting of the membership on Saturday, April 19th in Marietta.

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The current Bylaws of the Crescent Colony of Marietta, Ohio, Inc.:

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