To find out more about Marietta College Rush week, check out the FAQ’s.

The Greek community of Marietta College has one week within each semester dedicated to the recruitment of potential members. The fall semester rush week takes place during the week of 3rd week of September. The 2014 spring semester rush week takes place during the 2nd week of February. Delta Tau Delta Rush Week is about the current members getting to know you and you getting to know them. Below is a general format of what our Rush Week would look like. These events are not permanent but are often followed. Please feel free to stop by at one of our events, or fill out our potential new member form. 

Monday : Hoagies & Stogies at the Delt House (219 4th Street)

Tuesday :  Soccer With Brothers (meet at the Delt House)

Wednesday : Cookout & Bonfire (meet at Herman Bowl)

Thursday :  Rush Journey (at Delt House)

Friday :  Bid Handout

Saturday:  Bid Acceptance (meet at Delt House ).