Jon A. Hartshorn ’89

Full Name: Jon A. Hartshorn

Email: moc.s1519452876einap1519452876mocla1519452876rrom@1519452876nrohs1519452876trahj1519452876

Current Occupation/Title: Laboratory and Quality Manager

Employer: Morral Cos. LLC

Year initiated: 1986

Year graduated: 1989

Undergraduate Degree:: B.S. in chemistry

Current City and State: Kenton, Ohio

Link to Facebook profile:

I have two children, Abigail and Kallista.

I have served as secretary and currently as president for over 10 year of Crescent Colony of Marietta Inc., the Marietta Delt housing corporation.

I have attended eight Karneas, including one as an undergrad (Toronto, Canada). My fraternity service has given me many friendships, and opportunities for learning and personal growth.

My career has benefited as well from what I have taken from my fraternal experiences. I have been with Morral Cos. since 1996. Morral is a major manufacturer of fertilizer for the agriculture and turf markets.

I live in rural Ohio, about an hour northwest of Columbus.