In which Shawn pretends he is Rick

While giving updates on alumni is normally Rick’s province, I recently made contact with Matt (Christman) Christman-Lees ’94, so I thought I’d pass on what he’s been up to.

Matt and his partner of 11 years, Ray, are living in Worthington, Ohio. Matt is a communications consultant in the IT department at Nationwide Insurance. Last June, Matt and Ray adopted two Haitian children — Jenny, age 7, and future Delt Aaron, who just turned 4 this week. (A family photo is below.) Matt says they hope to add more children to their family soon.

Matt says he misses going to the Mountaineer in Parkersburg (hey, Undergrads, you didn’t invent going there!).

Matt would love to hear from everyone. I’m passing along his email address to both Rick and Hops, so it will be added to the Alumni database soon, which you can access on the Chapter’s Web site.

As you all can see, we’ve figured out how to post photos, so if you’d like to include photos with any updates you send to Rick, feel free to do so. We won’t be able to have the photos be a part of Rick’s emails, but we can add them to the blog when we post his email updates there.


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