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Hello everyone and I hope you are all having a wonderful winter,

Let’s see what has been happening with EY since the last time I wrote.
I have some new and updated email addresses.  Thanks to Shawn Selby and the new chapter website, we have found some lost brothers.  Welcome to Joseph Farrell – moc.o1519325401ohay@151932540164lle1519325401rrafh1519325401pesoj1519325401 , Bill Cruse –moc.l1519325401iamg@151932540116esu1519325401rcb1519325401 , and an updated one from Bob (Ferg) Ferguson – moc.l1519325401iamg@1519325401grefn1519325401nelgb1519325401ob1519325401 .  Welcome brothers, if you know these men, drop them a line and catch up, you know you’ll enjoy the time and they will also.  Joseph and Bill if you are interested in any email addresses of Delts from your era, please don’t hesitate to drop me a note and I’ll help you if I can.  Also, as usual, if you are in contact with any brother that isn’t receiving this, please forward it to him and ask him to get in touch with me.  My address is: moc.l1519325401iamg@1519325401leenk1519325401cir1519325401
The date of our Spring Alumni Event (we changed the name, it is no longer only for golf.  Though if you are interested in golf, it can be arranged.) has been changed.  We moved it to one week earlier, the 3rd weekend of April, due to exams the Monday following the 4th weekend.  It is now scheduled for April 19 and 20.  Please make plans to join us if it is at all possible, there will be a lot going on.  We are attempting to develop 2 weekends per year of alumni events, homecoming and something in the spring, come and help us develop this weekend.
           a) We will be presenting a new set of by-laws for the Crescent Colony.  The major change is to make the Crescent Colony the recognized EY (and BDE) Alumni Association as well as the House Corporation (if and when).  Your input is requested.
           b) Continue our planning for our 50th Anniversary Celebration, it is less than 5 years away now.  Mark your calendars, Homecoming 2018.  This will be bigger than anything we have ever done we want your help and input as to what will be happening.  Come and help us out.
           c) We are hoping to establish a Marietta Delt Education Foundation, similar to the National Educational Foundation (you know the one that is always dunning you for money).  This will be a 501(c)(3) corporation.  This way, interested brothers (or others) can make tax deductible contributions to EY for educational purposes.  It will not be a substitute for our ongoing building fund.  If you have questions come to the meeting and ask them.  I don’t know enough to answer questions.
One of the things that the Educational foundation can do is help the undergraduates go to Northern Division Conferences, Karnea, and other educational conferences.  This actually was done by 3 of our alums recently.  Thank you goes out to Robert Gibson ’95, Charley Maghes ’95, and Shawn Selby ’92.  They donated enough money to send 4 undergraduates to the 2014 Northern Division Conference in Merrillville, In.  They also payed for a room for the 4 brothers.  They mandated that the people they paid for would be freshmen, so the chapter will get 3 1/2 years of benefit for the money spent.  I think that was a great gesture.
Speaking of the division conference, EY won it’s 11th Court of Honor award.  Here is a link to a story on the award on our new Marietta Delt website: http://mariettadelts.org/marietta-delts-win-11th-court-of-honor-award/  Check it out.  In fact I urge you to check out the entire web site.  Chris Law, Shawn Selby and others have been working hard to make it something for both the undergrads to use and the alumni to enjoy.   http://mariettadelts.org
For the fall semester, the chapter GPA was just short of the annual goal of “pi”  But it was over a 3.1, congratulations to the undergrads.  Keep up the good work.
As hard as it is to believe, this is the 30th anniversary of our move from 507 Putnam St. to 419 4th St.  and in honor of that milestone, our website has done a story, it can be found here:  http://mariettadelts.org/marietta-delt-milestone-30-years-at-219-fourth-st/ and the editors are asking for any pictures and/or memorabelia of 507 Putnam so it may be included in the photo gallery.  Please contact either me or Shawn Selby at moc.l1519325401iamel1519325401goog@1519325401cnamn1519325401wotom1519325401.
Many thanks go to Don Wolfe who has presented an opportunity for our website to set up an area for jobs/internships to be posted.  The link to post it is:  http://mariettadelts.org/submit-a-job-opportunity/ There are over 400 of us now, and over 350 alumni.  I’m sure that some of you have or know of job opportunities and/or internships that are available. After all, isn’t that one of the reasons you joined a fraternity?  To give you the chance to network?  Let’s get that page filled up.  Thanks!  Here is the link to the listings, check it out.  http://mariettadelts.org/internship-opportunities/)
I’ve been talking about our new website for most of this email.  For good reason, it is a great way to stay/get in touch with your brothers.  One of the ways to make that happen is to fill out the alumni/member database form.  It will make it easier to find your buddy.  The link to this is:  http://mariettadelts.org/alumni/member-database/update-information  Please consider this.
The brothers who are building the website have been after me to share my mailing list so they can add it to the website for your use.  I’m tempted because I think it would be good for the chapter.  The only reason I haven’t is my promise to you all that I wouldn’t give it away or allow anyone to use it for any reason other than EY business, and they haven’t yet convinced me that it is safe. (I’m old and not the most trusting soul around)  What do you think?
For those of you who attended either the 40th or 45th Anniversary Celebration remember and (I’m sure) enjoyed the booklet that Dave Broome put together for those events.  He is doing it again, on a larger, better scale.  The 50th is going to be his last, best effort.  And like for the last 2, he is requesting submissions.  They will be returned to you if they are pictures or something else.  He wants your stories, for they are the true history of who we are, where we came from and the projection of who we will become.  This is important, don’t let our history get lost.  Send the story to here:  http://mariettadelts.org/about-us/history/delt-story-book/submit-your-story/  Don’t worry about spelling or punctuation Dave will clean it up for you.  Or if you want/need to talk to him directly, Dave Broome’s email address is:  moc.o1519325401ohay@151932540110emo1519325401orbld1519325401
I didn’t get any stories from you guys this time, send me some for the next time.  Remember the important dates coming up; Spring Alumni Weekend – April 18,19,20 2014 And our 50th Anniversary Celebration – Homecoming 2018.
Rick Neel ’73