DTD at MC #94

Hello everyone,

Well, school is back in session and the Delts are busy planning their first semester.  Socials with the sororities, rush functions, poker parties (for charity, of course), road presentations.  And of course, lest we forget, classwork.
One other thing is on the horizon, and the guys are getting ready for it.  Homecoming is in a little more than a month.  There are 2 ways to register, one is to send a check to us, the other way is to register online through Marietta College and use a credit card.  More on that later, first let’s touch some of the things that are going on with the Marietta Delts.  Rush is the main thing right now, if you know of any freshman that would make good Delts, drop a note to me and I’ll pass it along.  This year, we have a legacy that is a freshman at MC, Landon Santini.  His father is Martin (Cowboy) Santini ’78.  Are there any others?
It has been a source of great joy to me that since I’ve been writing these notes that other alumni have taken a different track to give back to the Delts for what they have gotten from the Chapter.  There is no single way a person can help, my way is this.  Dave Broome’s way is the publication of “Our Story” the story of our chapter from the words of the members of it.  I sure hope that you have taken a minute to send in your piece of EY history, before it is lost forever.  Several others have chosen to give back by working with other chapters as advisors.
Where am I going with this, you wonder.  I’ll tell you, several of our computer literate brothers are working on a website for the alumni/undergraduates.  The hope is to make it a safe and easy way for all of us to access the chapter and it’s history.  They hope that it will be a tool for the undergrads to use for rush, as well as other chapter needs.  The alumni can access it for their purposes, networking among others.  It isn’t ready for public viewing yet, but the hope is that it will be up and running by homecoming.  One of the big, early projects that is ready for viewing (and correcting) is the Big Brother board.  There are errors in, we feel sure.  So we need for you all to take a look at it and let us know what errors you find.  The board can be accessed here:   http://prezi.com/hfe7ctavrgfw/epsilon-upsilon-chapter-of-delta-tau-delta-big-brother-board/  When you have checked it out (I really think it is pretty special), any comments or corrections you wish to make, send them to Shawn Selby at   moc.l1519325490iamg@1519325490cnamn1519325490wotom1519325490 , this is his project.
One other thing that Shawn asked me to mention to you all, anything that you have from our past, please bring it with you to homecoming.  They will have a way to scan it for inclusion on our website.  I don’t know if this is something that they want, but I found my hand written bid letter, from Randy “Awk” Williams the other day.  I guess that everything is important.  Bring it along.
During our banquet we are planning on remembering those of us who have joined the Chapter Eternal.  According to my records these are the names of the men who have passed; Fritz Absolon 1980, Peter Cartoun 1979, William Havens 1969, Kevin Hayes 1982, Edward Ives 1970, James Meads 1972, Kevin Miller 1975, Tom Robinson 1969, Paul Schoenfeld 1970 and Dr. R. L. Jones.  Do any of you know of anyone that I am not aware of?  Please let me know if you do.
As much as we would like for you to attend all of the functions, I have noticed that some of the people that have registered online have chosen one of the events or the other, as well as both.  So to give you the information that you need and the prices for the events, here you go, the Meet and Greet at the Town House on Thursday is no charge (except your bar bill – cash bar).  The cocktail hour at the American Legion on Friday is $15.00 for the snacks that will be catered by Weber’s Market (again a cash bar).  The banquet and Ferg Roast at the Shrine building is $35.00 (once more – cash bar).  The initiation and football game on Sunday is no charge.
Back to registering for homecoming, it can be done 2 ways.  First by sending a check payable to Crescent Colony of Marietta, Inc.  send it to Bob Ferguson, 507 Wooster St., Marietta, Ohio 45750.  The other way is by using the College website and paying by Credit Card.  There is no charge just to register for homecoming, so you won’t have to pay for something you aren’t going to use.  The address for the college site is marietta.edu
Please register, whichever way you choose to do so quickly, we are running out of time and need to get the numbers we are expecting to the food people as soon as we can,so they can make their plans.  I am attaching a list of the people that have told me they are coming, check it out and let them know you will be here too.
Thanks for coming to Homecoming ’13,
Rick Neel ’73
1960’s and 70’s
Greg Maloof,       Martin Santini +1
Bob Bayer,     Joe Mester +1
Rick Neel,     Neal Mettler +1
Bob Exten
Scott Gilmore +1
Rich Wolf +1
Mike Conaty,    Dave Broome
Lee Boveroux
Kevin Oliphant,   JP Clowes,     Graham Cochran +1
Brian Clark,     Chris Kurtz
Graham Cochran,      Andy McIlvaine
Jimmy Long,     Greg Manko
Seth Pitasky,     Dan Moorman
Josh Maxwell,   Craig Sundstrom +1,    Justin Nethers
Cory Medina +1,   Jordan Herrick
Mark Hirschfeld,   Lee Hartzler
Jonathan McEldowney +1,   Matt Dole
Josh Argento +1,     Sergio Fajardo
Dave Hood +1,     Rich Freeman +1
Chris Law,     Ty Stay
Cody Clemens