DTD at MC #93

Hello everyone,

Well,  training camps have opened in the NFL, college football teams are in fall practice.  That can only mean one thing, school is about to begin again.  The Delts will begin the fall with (as of right now) 30 actives and 2 pledges.  We hope to initiate them during our 45th Homecoming Celebration and Ferg Roast.
For those of you who read the most recent issue of the Rainbow, you may have noticed that the men of EY didn’t do so well academically the first semester of last year.  They didn’t like that result any better than we do and they got it in gear and finished at the top of the heap in the spring.  The chapter GPA was over 3.0 2nd semester.  I’m proud of the way that they got things turned around.
With the help of the class of 1993, our case for the Hugh Shields Flag has been built, and it is at the house, the light to show it off is under construction and should be ready before school starts. Thanks, brothers of 1993!
In news of Marietta (the town, not the college) October brings some exciting times, the 10-13 is the college homecoming (did you notice how that is a recurring theme?), then the following week the city is hosting Robbie Knievel and one of the Wallenda family.   On the 19th Rick Wallenda will be attempting to cross the Ohio, between Marietta and Williamstown, on a highwire.  The same day Robbie Knievel, will attempt to jump from Ohio to West Virginia on a motorcycle.  There will be activities most of the week to celebrate the events.  Should be pretty exciting for our little town.
I hope that you are making your reservations at the area hotels for homecoming, they should be filling up pretty rapidly since this area is starting to feel the benefits of the fracking boom.  I understand that a lot of the hotels have a pretty full house.  Speaking of making hotel reservations, you also need to be making your reservations for the weekend.  Get with your classmates and make your plans.  Tell them that time is getting short, the reservations need to be made.  We need to know how many are going to be here so we can tell our suppliers how many to plan on feeding.
If you know of any brother who isn’t getting this email. please forward it to him and ask him to get in touch with me with his email address.  Are you listening Al Morrison?  Send this on to Pele, please.  I understand he sold his farm, maybe he can make it to homecoming this year.  I’d love to see him.
If you haven’t sent in your story for our chapter booklet, please do, send it to me or to Dave Broome.  And make it fast, so he can get it edited for us.  Thanks.
Several of you have asked me what the schedule of events for the weekend are, so here goes.
Register at the Shelter when you arrive, all weekend long.  Please take some time to talk to the Undergraduates.  Some of them are looking to network for their future, perhaps you can help them.
Thursday – Meet and greet at the Town House for early arrivals.
Friday – Cocktail/Social Hour at the American Legion (8th and Wooster Sts.) Finger foods provided by Weber’s Meat Market.
               Rite of Iris (Maybe, to be determined) Public ritual, all are welcome.
Saturday – House Corp Meeting (there will be a proposal to amend the Bylaws) headed by Jon Hartshorn.  Karl Grant (Chapter President) will have a “State of the Chapter” update for us.
                No float this year, the college decided that people weren’t into that currently.
                College events, football game etc.  I’m sure that you will be receiving a notice from
them shortly.
Saturday evening – Banquet and Ferg Roast at the Marietta Shrine Building.  Dinner will be provided by the Shrine staff.
Sunday – Ritual initiation (sorry, spouses and significant others are not permitted to attend this event – brothers only.  Shirt and tie required)
               Annual Alumni vs. Undergraduate Football Game.
Please make plans to attend, you are the ones who make these events special.  We all want to see each other.  Make this the biggest and best EY event EVER!
The cost for the weekends events are $50.00 per person.  That is as inexpensive as we could make it and still have a nice event for everyone, the House Corp isn’t making any money on this, if you wish to make a donation to House Corp, please feel free to include whatever you wish to in your reservation.
Mail your check for $50.00/per person payable to: Crescent Colony of Marietta, Inc.  send it to:  Bob Ferguson, 507 Wooster St., Marietta, Ohio 45750.
So far, here are the people that have told me they are coming. The 80’s look a bit small, come on guys come give Conaty some support.
1960’s and 70’s
Greg Maloof,       Martin Santini +1
Bob Bayer,     Joe Mester +1
Rick Neel,     Neal Mettler +1
Bob Exten
Scott Gilmore +1
Rich Wolf +1
Mike Conaty
Kevin Oliphant,   JP Clowes
Brian Clark,     Chris Kurtz
Graham Cochran,      Andy McIlvaine
Jimmy Long,     Greg Manko
Seth Pitasky,     Dan Moorman
Josh Maxwell,   Craig Sundstrom +1
Cory Medina +1,   Jordan Herrick
Mark Hirschfeld,   Lee Hartzler
Jonathan McEldowney +1,   Matt Dole
Josh Argento +1
Dave Hood +1,     Rich Freeman
Chris Law,     Ty Stay