DTD at MC #88

Hello everyone,
I’m sitting here thinking about getting ready to go to Karnea.  It got me thinking about the other one I went to, in Atlanta with Mark Russell in ’72.  Wow what a long time ago that was.  And I sure don’t remember much of what went on there.  I guess all I really remember was going to an Atlanta Braves baseball game and a trip to Underground Atlanta (at that time it was new and safe, the hub of the city’s nightlife).  So for this one it will be something new for me.  I just checked the website and found that the dress is “business casual,” now I’m a lifelong retailer so I have no idea what that means.  I looked it up on Google and discovered it was the same thing I wore everyday at work, except no tie.  Crap!  I’m retired, I didn’t think I would ever have to wear anything but jeans ever again.  Then Bob Ferguson got me involved with the Delts again, and I had to go buy a tie, and then a sport coat, and now business casual!  I tell you, life isn’t fair.
Enough about me and my problems.  How is everyone else doing?  We are getting closer to the 45th Anniversary of EY.  Are you making your plans yet?  Remember, this is the year that we are going to Roast the Chapter Advisor.  Get your plans together for it.  Homecoming 2013, just over a year away.  There are many things that need to be done before that day arrives, but one that can be done now is your letters of rememberance, stories of our history.  For those of you who attended the 40th, you remember the booklet that Dave Broome put together for us.  He has graciously volunteered to put together an updated issue.  We have 5 more years of history to record, and of course the stories that didn’t get told for the 40th.  Come on guys, put on your thinking caps and send in your story.  Send it to me and I’ll be sure that it gets forwarded to Dave.  I’m sure that there are things out there that people wonder about, for instance, How did the “Mystic It” come about?  What’s the story behind that?  Shawn Selby related the story of our 1st Hugh Shields award, what is the story behind the rest of them?  We have a story or two about the old Douglas Putnam Hall, Parsons has now been knocked down, there has to be some stories connected to Parsons.  What about Bruce Masatsugu’s short hair wig for the National Guard?  This is our story, Marietta College’s chapter of Delta Tau Delta, it can’t be told by anyone but us.  Don’t let those stories die.
Time is also getting short for us to make reservations for the hall and meal.  What do you think of where we had it last time?  How about the rest of the weekend?   Was there anything that you especially liked and want to be sure we include again?  Was there something you didn’t like and want us to leave out this time?  What about something that we didn’t include that you’d like to have included this time?  What did you think of the cost?  Should we have included something for House Corp, or kept it as inexpensive as possible?
Just off of the top of my head, here is what we had the last time: Thurs – Meet and greet at the Town House, Friday – Welcome Cruise on the Valley Gem, Saturday – Homecoming stuff, a tour of campus, House Corp meeting.  Saturday evening – Cocktail Hour, Banquet at the Shrine Club, Ceremony honoring those of us that have passed to the Chapter Eternal.  Sunday – Undergraduate/Alumni football game.  Cost, again as I remember it, $50. per person
I don’t have a lot of news from brother’s today, but I can tell you that we have at least one published author in our midst.  Paul Craft ’73 has recently published the 3rd edition of his encylopedia of palm trees:   An Encyclopedia of Cultivated Palms  Check it out.
We are still looking for speakers for our Road Program.  Do you have something to share?  Willing to come to Marietta and spend a couple of hours talking about it with the Undergrads?  Something to help them in the business world in thier future?  Something that you have learned that might smooth the road for them somehow?  Let me know and we’ll make a time for you.
Be sure to come by the house and see the guys, and the Hugh Shields flag (we get to keep this one!)  Got any news you want to pass on to everybody?  Let me know.  A marriage, new child, new job.  Drop us a line, remember, just as you are interested in what your brothers are up to, they are interested in what you are doing.
Let me know what you think about our 45th, send in your stories for Dave’s booklet, make your plans for the Ferg roast in 2013.
That’s all I have for now, be back after Karnea.
Rick Neel ’73