DTD at MC #87

Hello everyone,
Well, I’m almost embarrassed by the length of time that has passed since I last sat down and did this.  But, I’m not.  After all, if you guys had bothered to send me any news, I might have gotten motivated sooner.  But I do have some news, and I am motivated (at least somewhat), so let’s get started.
They did it!!!!!  The undergraduates did it, they won the 2011 Hugh Shields Award.  That makes #5, so now we get to keep the flag.  Yesterday at the Northern Division Conference we learned that we were one of the 10 best chapters in the Fraternity for 2011.  It was very exciting watching the 8 Marietta Delts take the stage to collect our flag.  In a coincidence, Indianapolis is the same city that saw us win our 1st Hugh Shields Award.  Please feel free to stop by the Shelter and take a look, it’s a beautiful sight to see.
One other thing, Ferg missed his first Division Conference in a long time (if ever) and didn’t get to see the guys win.  He also missed seeing his friend, Bruce Peterson, the last Northern Division President get his enshrinement in the Distinguished Service Chapter.  Those of you who attended the 40th Anniversary perhaps got to meet Bruce, since he was in attendance.  There was a very good reason that Ferg didn’t make the trip, his wife, Ginny, had surgery on her foot just before it.  She is recovering well, but can’t put any weight on her foot for awhile.  She is limited to the 1st floor of the house and is using a walker.  If you are interested in sending a card, the address is 507 Wooster St., Marietta, Ohio 45750.  The chapter sent flowers on the day of her operation.
Here are the new chapter officers for the 2012-13 school year.  I’m sure that they will continue to build on the success of the past.  President: Mark Torres, Vice President: Cody Clemens, Rush: Dan Hartman, RecSec: Matt Bergene, CorSec: Michael Sharp, Pledge EDU: Vincent Hendershot, Treasurer : Karl Grant, Sargent at Arms: Max Crow, Guide: Ryan Cahall, DAA: Clay Ellenwood.  Good luck guys, make us proud.
A couple of weeks ago, I stopped in to see Jacob Tidwell, the college director of Greek Life.  It was just a good will visit, because I figured it would be smart to see him when the guys weren’t in trouble, rather than only when they were.  We had a nice chat, and I learned that he was going to be one of the leaders at the DTD Leadership Conference (he’s a Beta, not a Delt).  He mentioned that he thought it would be a good idea if we sent a few members to a conference sponsored by the National Interfraternity Council this summer.  He says the the cost is between $400 and $500 per person, and that it is a exceptional program for the Undergrads.  DTD National offers a scholarship to send a person to this, and Marietta College offers to cover the transportation costs to attend.  The program is put on by the “Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute” and it is aimed towards sophomores and juniors.  Jacob feels that it is a “life changeing opportunity” for young men.  He asked me to see if we could raise $1000 to send 2 people to the course.  Along with the National scholarship and the college money, that would send 3 brothers to the conference.  The program is put on by the same people who do the “Futures” program that we have sent a Freshman to the last 2 years.  They have returned raving about the benefits of this program.  Please consider funding this program for this year, so we can send 3 brothers to it.  We can then get reports from the young men and determine if it is something we want to fund raise for every year.  Thank you for your consideration.  The address for those checks is the same as above, and please make note on your check that it is for the UIFI scholarship.  Thanks again.
Upcoming dates; Feb. 5, 2012 – Officer Transition at the Chapter 1:00 pm.  This is a formal meeting, coat and tie required.
April 6, 2012 – Rite of Iris, public ceremony prior to Initiation.  This is formal, coat and tie, please.
April 7, 2012 – Initiation.  This is a formal meeting, coat and tie required.
April 28, 2012 – Epsilon Upsilon Annual Golf Outing (notice name change, it is now for the entire chapter, not just Alumni.  We have changed the name to better reflect the facts of the day).  This is casual, dress however you wish – subject to golf course rules.
Homecoming 2013 – EY’s 45th Anniversary and Ferg Roast.  Please make plans to attend, the 40th was great, let’s make the 45th even better.
If you can, please come to the Shelter and join us.  You will enjoy yourself.
Here’s what I’ve heard from you.  Please send me news so I can share it.
Bob Burns sent me this note:
       So, how am I?  Went to law school here at Ohio State.  Got my J.D. in 1978.  They hired me on a temporary basis in public policy research dealing with energy and public utility issues.  That became a full-time job at The National Regulatory Research Institute where I was the attorney on staff.  That lasted 27 1/2 years, until the main sponsor, the national association of state utility commissions,  decided it no longer wanted objective, university-based research, but would rather have research to support the decisions that they had already made.  I worked a year on an OSU contract with Battelle Memorial Research Institute, dealing with geologic carbon sequestration issues.  Retired and was subsequently rehired on a part-time contract basis.  I’m still doing energy research.  Some international work, mostly under USAID or UN contracts, but most of my international work lately is here in the states, either at OSU or Michigan State.  The closest I got to you Bob was probably the Tokyo airport transferring planes either to or from Manila.  While I was at NRRI, I hosted Japanese regulators on four different occasions.  However, my colleagues were the ones to go to Japan.  My recent work at OSU deals with shale gas, sustainability in a variety of contexts, smart grid, and still some international work (mainly with the Turks at MSU and perhaps on-site with the Kosovans this next Spring.)   So, I’m all over the place.
       I got married in 1983 and am still married.  Two sons, both here at Ohio State University.  My older son, Mike, is taking his final course to complete his biochemistry major, with a professional writing minor.  James is a Junior, with a dual major in economics and mathematics (finance track).
       What’s most important?  I still enjoy a good beer.
Bob Burns
Class of 1975
James Borwell sent in this update:
Hey Rick,
Here’s an update on me. I landed a teaching job at Carroll High School in Southlake, TX teaching Algebra 1 and Comp. Science. I wasn’t planning on using my major, but the opprotunity presented itself and fell together perfectly. I couldn’t get in coaching football, but I did manage to grab the assistant wrestling coach spot that was open! As for now I’m going to try to make it for home coming, I won’t know untill my first paycheck Sept 22 and  get my budget and such together through the end of the year. Otherwise, see y’all next spring and for the Fergie Roast in a couple years!
Thanks for staying with me, and I hope to see all of you as we go forward.  That’s all I have for today.  Stay in touch, send me news.
Rick Neel ’73