DTD at MC #85

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to summer!
I have been chastised by a couple of brothers recently (or maybe not so recently) about where these emails have been.  My answer is: on the golf course, at the bar, working (well not so much that).  But anyway, Matt Dole and Rich Wolf you have shamed me enough.
So let’s see what has been happening in the world of Marietta College and Delta Tau Delta… In the college realm, as I’m sure you all know, the Pioneer baseball team won the Div III World Series, the women’s crew team was invited to the championships in California, and the track teams (both men’s and women’s) competed in the post season.  For more information on these and other things MC, check the college website: www.marietta.edu
On the fraternity front, we had a good year academically, the chapter posted a GPA for the semester of 3.128, which was the best for all men on campus.  We had 4 men who finished the semester with 4.0.
The chapter had the Jewett award winner this year again.  And one thing they are very proud of, the juniors on campus have never had the Student Senate led by anyone other than a Delt.  We have held that office for the last 4 years.  Congrats guys!
Keep up the good work.  The chapter also initiated our 400th member this year, that sure was a long time coming, wasn’t it?
News on the alumni front.  The Alumni are planning on putting together, with the undergraduates participation and content, a web site.  The alums that are ramrodding this effort are: Shawn Selby, Hunter Jonnson, Adam Hopkins (webmaster), and Ashley Woolam.  Please forgive me for whoever I have left out.  Cody Clemens is the liason with the undergraduates.  The committee is looking for people to help get this off of the ground and provide articles, information and other data for the site.  We intend to have our email directory listed and updated (password protected, to ensure member privacy) as well as chapter news, and alumni news.
I know that any ideas as to what you want the site to do will be welcome to the committee.  You can send me any comments and I will see to it that they are passed along.  And if you wish to volenteer to help, I will pass your name along as well.
Remember, it is only 2 years away.  The chapters’ 45 Anniversary Celebration and Ferg Roast.  Make your plans now for homecoming 2013.  Prices and other information are being put together now.  But we need volenteers to be speakers for the Ferg Roast.  It should be a lot of fun and a great reason to come back to Marietta again.  All of us who attended the 40th Anniversary had a wonderful time and this promises to be better.  Join us!
The golf outing this year wasn’t very well attended.  We had 4 alumni, 1 undergraduate, and 2 guests.  The Delts in attendance were, Doug Orr, Kevin Oliphak, Jimmy Long, myself, and Peter Krutschnitt (Undergraduate).  The awards for the day went to Peter and the two guests.  Also in town for the weekend, though they didn’t play golf were Ashley Woolam, Nick Alyward, and Dan May.  I also heard that there were others in town, though I didn’t see them.  Everyone enjoyed the weekend.  I understand that Peter also came through with his promise to Kevin and Jimmy.  If you are interested in knowing what that was, you’ll have to attend next years golf weekend.
For next year, we are going to try something new and different.  Kevin Oliphak and Jimmy Long are going to take charge of the outing for next year.  Thier thinking is that while people come to play golf, they mainly are here to visit with friends and brothers that they haven’t seen for awhile.  So with that in mind, we are going to have our next outing at a Par 3 course and have a keg of beer.  Please plan on playing next year, or if you don’t play, come by meet with your friends and partake in a beer or so.  Details will come as we get closer to the time.  The chapter doesn’t make any money on this weekend, it is strictly for brotherhood.
However, speaking of money for the chapter.  Our House Corp. has in it’s treasury about $27,000 total.  Of that amount we have $25,000 pledged for a new shelter for the chapter.  I got to thinking the other day when I got my 2nd request for money from Ken File, of DTD National Educational Foundation.  I get 2 or 3 of them a year from DTD and a couple from Marietta College.  I’m sure that I’m no different from any of you, everyone wants money.  And we all know that it goes for a good cause.  So here are a couple of thoughts for you to consider.
EY doesn’t ask for money from you very often, and you all know that we need a better, safer shelter for the young men.  We also know that the college isn’t planning on building us one anytime soon.  (In fact the Sigs are planning on attempting to recolonize next year and the college has no current plans on finding them housing)  So if we are to get a new house, we will have to do it ourselves.  So when you give to the college and/or DTD consider cutting your donation to them and sending the diffference to EY House Corp.  Or try this on for size: Give once to the college, once to DTD national, and once to EY.  That will take care of the 3 times a year that everybody duns you for money.  If you decide to do this, make your check to “Crescent Colony of Marietta, Inc.” and mail it to Bob Ferguson, 507 Wooster St., Marietta, Ohio 45750  Thank you for considering this.
I’m thinking that next fall, probably August or September will be a good time to get the new Alumni Advisory Team together for the 1st time, so we can learn what our jobs entail, plan a schedule, etc.  I’ll get ahold of the volenteers separately so we can find out what time is good for all of us.  Please be thinking about your schedule and when you can come to Marietta.
James Mason sent me the following note.

As a quick note for a future email of yours.  I moved to Atlanta in July 2009 after 25 years of living in Boston.  A new job with Prudential Capital Group facilitated the move and although I’ve been raised to believe life in the South is not good, we absolutely love it.  I hear occasionally from Bill Ludington who moved to Atlanta about the same time I did.  I have also more recently kept in contact with Steve Bennett, Dean Didato and had the chance to meet up with Adam Pyles on a trip to Minneapolis last summer.

Would love to hear from other Delts in Atlanta or any that are just passing through!

All the best,


It seems to me that we are starting to have a collection of brothers in several cities around the country.  Atlanta, DC, Columbus, Pittsburgh.  As you guys start to find each other and get together, keep the rest of us informed as to what you are doing and how others can get involved.  For instance, those of you in the Atlanta area, you can reach James at this email:ten.t1519452941sacmo1519452941c@nos1519452941am.s.1519452941semaj1519452941   If there are any other enclaves of EY Delts around, let me know so we can get the word out.
That’s all I have for right now, remember that homecoming this year is coming in October.  I’m looking forward to seeing you guys at the house.
Rick Neel ’73