DTD at MC #83

Hi everyone,
Surprised??  This is the shortest turnaround I’ve had with one of these emails in a long time.  But I’m excited today.  Today is the Championship game of the OAC Men’s Basketball Tournement.  If we win tonight against John Caroll University, we get an automatic bid to the NCAA championship tournament.  As I learned the other day when I was buying my ticket ($7.00 for an adult ticket, Selby I am an adult no matter what you think!) Marietta has put in to host some NCAA games, so maybe we will have some more home gams this year.  If you are interested in following the game live, it will be telecasted here, http://www.ustream.tv/channel/marietta-college-athletics.  7:30 eastern time this evening.
Now on to some Delt news.  After I sent the last email, Fergie sent me this financial statement for House Corp.  The contributions YTD figure is the amount we have gotten since the building fund drive began a couple of years ago.  If there are any questions about these figures, please ask Fergie directly but kindly wait until AFTER APRIL 15TH, to do so.  At this time of year he is working 6 or 7 days a week and doesn’t need to be inundated with other questions.  Thanks for your consideration.
Contributions YTD 18,638.77
CD – $20,000 – Restricted as building fund money
Checking – $7,208.80 – Unrestricted
If you wish to make a donation to the House Corp, please make it payable to “Crescent Colony of Marietta” and send it to Bob Ferguson, 507 Wooster St., Marietta, Ohio 45750.  Also, please let us know how you wish it to be applied.  Thank you.
James Borwell has changed his email address, thanks James for keeping us in the loop.  For the rest of you, if you are going to change your address, please let me know so when one of your brothers wants to get in toch with you, I can help him.  Thanks.  Here is James new address, moc.l1519325702iamg@1519325702llewr1519325702obmj1519325702
I got an email from Cory Medina recently relaying some news and asking for some assistance from our brothers in the Washington DC area.  We have several brothers in the DC area, and one, Brian Rothenberg, directly involved in Cory’s line of work.  Help him out guys, will you?  And congratulations Cory, on your engagement.
Hey Rick —
Wanted to update everyone with what I’m up to these days. I just got engaged this November and we relocated to Arlington, VA. We’ll be getting married next May in Stone Harbor, New Jersey. I’m currently looking for a job in the DC area, so if there are any alums out there looking to hire  — please let me know!  I’m a dyed in the wool democratic political operative!
And speaking of brothers being engaged, I got an interesting excuse for not playing in our golf outing from Smitty.  I guess it’s a legitimate excuse, but you’d think he’d consider changing the date of his wedding!  Congratulations Smitty, may you two have a long and happy marriage.
    Sounds like Chicago was quite the adventure.  You know I am not a golfer.  I lack the goofy pants and the huge ass.  That being said, I would love to hang out with some Delts on a nice spring weekend, but this can not be the case this time.  For on that Saturday, your fraternity brother will make the long walk into marital bliss.  Yes, it is true.  No longer will I be that single guy.  No, now I will forever be known as someone’s husband.  Locked down, game over, hen pecked, ball and chain attached.  So while you all are sucking down beers on April 30th, think of me.  Have one for the death of the single life of ol’ Smitty.  I guess I will just have to try and enjoy the open bar.
Fraternally yours,
Christopher “Smitty” Smith
From the desk of the Delt legend, Smitty
That’s all the mail that I’ve gotten from brothers.  Drop me a line as things happen in your life, remember your brother’s are interested in what you’re doing.  Just as you were interested in reading what Cory and Smitty are doing.
Here is the current information about the Annual Delt Golf Outing.
Date: Saturday, April 30, 2011
Time: 9:20 am, first tee time
Cost: $30.00/per golfer
Location: Golf Club of West Virginia (same as last year)
I have reserved 5 tee times, so we have space for 20 golfers, if necessary we can get another tee time probably.  I told the golf course that I would let them know by April 15th if I didn’t need all 5 tee times, that way they can fill the slots if we don’t use them.  So please reserve your spot now.  The chapter makes no money on this event, so when you get to the course, you pay there.  Generally, after the golf we have a House Corp meeting at the chapter, so I assume Hartsy will let me know if there is to be one this year.
So far, I have 8 people signed up.  They are: Sean Trench, Rich Freeman, Kevin Oliphak, Andy Byers, Doug Orr, Jimmy Long, Rick Neel, and 2 guests.  That leaves 12 tee times, please let’s fill them up.  Let me know your intention to play.