DTD at MC #82

Couple of Marietta College items before I get started.  First, and most important, in case you haven’t heard yet.  Jean Scott the 17th President of MC has announced her retirement.  She is intending to step down in June of 2012.  During her 11 years as President, the college has made great strides in many areas to become or remain relavent as a liberal arts college.  Just to name a few things that occured during her tenure; Dyson-Baudio Recreaction Center, Rickey Science Center, Anderson Hancock Planetarium, Legacy Library, Don Drumm Stadium renovation, a new dorm, Fayerweather dorm renovation, several older buildings were renovated.  Also academic programs were created or improved, most notably the Physician’s Assistant Program.  I guess the largest failure I can come up with for her is her failure to replace the DTD fraternity house.  That was a joke, people.  I think all of us should express our appreciation to her for a fine job.  She was absolutely the right person at the right time for the job.  Job well done, Dr. Scott.  Thank you.
Next, the Marietta College Pioneers Men’s Basketball team has captured the regular season OAC title.  We will be hosting games in the tournament for as long as we continue to win.  Hopefully a NCAA invite, or even better, an automatic qualification, will be forthcoming soon.  You can keep up with the season at www.Marietta.edu.  You can also read more about Dr. Scott there.
Now for the important stuff, DTD stuff.  Just to remind everyone, the last weekend in April is our annual golf outing.  That is April 30, the week after Easter.  So far, we have 8 people planning on attending – Sean Trench, Rich Freeman, Kevin Oliphant, Andy Byers, Doug Orr, Me, and 2 guests. Also, Ashley Woolam is going to try to be in town that weekend, though he doesn’t play golf, rumor tells me he has been known to have a beer or so from time to time.  I’m sure that we will have several others, but PLEASE let me know that you are planning on coming, I need to know so I can reserve enough tee times, right now I’m considering 20.  That would be a good sized turnout, but we can do better.  Ted Smith (I have a letter from him, see below), you are now retired, so you have no reason not to play.  See you here!  Jimmy Long, I hear that you have been issued a special invitation (or is it a challenge?)
Next, I’m sure that you all are familiar with the bad winter that the midwest has suffered (I know the east coast has as well) especially Super Bowl weekend.  That was the weekend that I went to Chicago for the Northern division conference.  Ferg talked me into going, somehow.  So he and I drove to northern Chicago for the conference, we attended the conference along with 8 MC undergrads.  It was a very interesting experience, I got to meet a lot of Delt Alums and Undergrads during the weekend.  Even with the bad weather, there were over 300 there.  The meetings that I attended were interesting (I went to meetings for alumni), and I got to see that a lot of chapters are dealing with the same type of problems and yet everyone I spoke to felt really proud of the men that were part of thier chapters.  The main issues that we dealt with were concerning the best way to be advisors, how to “advise” rather than “lead”.  This part was key to me, for I’m always concerned that this is a young persons organization and they should run the fraternity.  The alumni, in my opinion, are there for the continunity.  But that is a discussion for another day.  Let is be said that I enjoyed my time and will definately consider attending again.
The chapter, with fall rush and activation, has now activated over 400 men.  This is a huge milestone for us, so in a few short years, we will have 400 alums.  This past week saw spring rush.  At this time I don’t know anything about how it went, as I haven’t been to the house yet.  I do know that they are about to send out the newest issue of Protomoi, so keep your eyes peeled for it.  This one is supposed to be very big.
One of the big things that was emphasized at the conference was keeping the chapter website up to date and relevant.  Ours isn’t, in fact it hasn’t been since Hops graduated.  The Undergrads are in the process of upgrading it, again.  I tell them that the alumni want an up to date site for them to be able to visit and keep in touch.  They also learned that it is an invaluable rush tool.  A young person who is interested in DTD will go check out the web site.  How impressed will he be if it is 3 years out of date?  So hopefully we will get it upgraded and active again.  Also, I’m hoping that the address book is made current.
Here we go, the letter from Ted Smith.  Those of you from his era will get a kick out of what he’s doing now.

Hey, Rick…

Some news from Ted Smith ’71…

On my birthday (November 19, 2010) at age 62, I retired as the senior producer-director from WBNS-TV in Columbus after 38.5 years service. I was completely shocked by the extreme generosity of the station and friends who showered me with a surprise party which included 200 people in studio “A” including many of the retired friends I started my work career with in 1972!!! There were gifts, food, drink, speeches, etc, etc…..It was overwhelming and totally awesome! I was an honor to work for WBNS-TV and to have worked with so many fabulous people!!!!!

Since December I have been working part-time for Evans Funeral Home in Columbus (the same funeral home I worked for BEFORE I went into TV 38.5 years ago). Many of the brothers might remember that I almost went into the mortuary buisiness as a career and now I am back and diggin’ it! (I think it was 1969, when we had the TED SMITH MORTUARY MASQUERADE party @ the house…it was totally off-the-wall, but a lot of fun!)

I have two beautiful granddaughters (8 & 10) in Texas and they spend a month with my wife, Jennifer & me in Columbus each year.

All the best,

Please, to the rest of you, send me a note from time to time letting me know what you are doing.  As you are interested in reading what Ted is up to, the rest of us are interested in what you are doing.  Also, speaking of WBNS-TV, on March 3rd, at 4:30 JP Clowes will be in to give an alumni talk to the chapter.  If you are in town and interested, please stop by the chapter house and check it out.  Should be interesting.
I got this letter from BAM (the original one) and he had this to say:


Thanks for the recent update.  Hope all is well in your life.
Double check with the college alumni office, but I believe that Tom Lindvall is deceased.
Joe Doniger (’72 ?) and I got together for “business” in mid-November.  He brought members of his Hull High School theater arts class for a back stage tour of the Westport County Playhouse where I am Company Manager.    Joe keeps coming out of retirement to direct and he and the school were getting ready for a huge production of “Annie.”  We kept everything on a professional level until the end of the tour when I pulled out some MC yearbooks, at which point Joe had to explain to his students certain photos involving his Fraternity & beer kegs.
I love it!  Of course we all know that beer kegs and college fraternity’s are a figment of someone’s imagination.  It never happened!  HA!
As always, we have interest in a new Shelter for the chapter.  I can’t give any news on that front.  I haven’t heard of any other houses out there that might work.  Last email I mentioned a possibility on Putnam St., 2 houses that might be able to be joined.  I learned after I sent that email that the owner of one of the houses had doubled his asking price.  That meant to buy the 2 houses and connect them would put us in the same price range of building something ourselves.  So I guess we are back to the house on 7th St.  And I haven’t heard anything from you guys about that house for a while now.  In fact, the last thing I did hear was from Joe Mester, and here is his letter.

Rick, If you go to google maps and enter in 117 North 7th Street, Marietta, Ohio and then go to the closest magnification and then drag the little orange guy to the street in front of the property you can get a street level view of the house we are talking about.  By the way it looks great.  Joe

Speaking of our search for a new house, in 2011 so far we have received 2 donations to our building fund.  I know that when our purchase of 507 Putnam St fell through, we released everyone from the pledge they made to the project.  However, we have gotten gifts for the building fund from Casey Trail and Joe Mester so far in 2011.  Thank you guys, it is appreciated.  Please do not ask me how much a person has given, I will not say.  All donations from $1.oo to $1,000,000.oo are equally welcome.  The only exception to this that I can imagine is if we get a challenge donation, i.e. “I am giving $100 to the chapter and challenge my big brother, x, to do the same.”  Or something like that.
We got a letter from Joe along with his check, and he asked the following question – “Has there been any discussion on recognizing donors  or something like either Marietta College or the Arch Chapter does, or maybe just an annual list of donors.”   I have often thought (and generally do) that when we send a donation to either MC or DTD national, we should consider sending a check to EY as well.  But I haven’t thought much about a “giving society level” or anthing like that.  What are your thoughts?  Please respond and I’ll get it put together for the House Corp meeting at the golf outing.
If you wish to make a donation, please let us know if it is for the building fund or everyday expenses, and send it to “Crescent Colony of Marietta, Inc.” c/o Bob Ferguson, 507 Wooster St., Marietta, Ohio 45750.  I have asked Ferg for a financial report so I can send it to you all.  He told me he would be happy to do so, but begged off until after tax season.  So it will be after the 15th of April.  I guess all of you can understand that.
Some Delt news now.  These men haven’t contacted me (I wonder why?  Can you guys tell me why?)  If you got the recent issue of the College Trailblazer Magazine you could say it was a recruitment issuse for DTD.  Starting out, there is an article from Hub Burton, he is a Delt from the University of Arizona.  Then on page 6 there is an article about Matt Heinzman a EY Delt from ’12.  Then on page 18 is an article about Mike Moffitt DTD ’91 who is the new head of the law school at the University of Oregon.  Tim Cox ’99 is mentioned on page 20 for his acting career in New York.
This is long enough for one letter, so I won’t ask for new addresses for lost brothers.  Do remember, if you change yours to drop me a note.  Also, make plans to come to the golf outing.  And homecoming is in October.  Not too soon to make plans.  See you all around campus!
Rick Neel ’73