DTD at MC #81

Hello everyone,
Here is hoping that everyone had a great Holiday Season, and survived the New Year celebrations.  Marietta has had more than it’s share of snow and lousy weather since then.  But we are all confident that spring is on the way and will arrive soon (not soon enough, I’m afraid).  In the way of upcoming chapter news, the guys finished the 1st semester with a GPA of 3.00+.  We aren’t exactly sure what it is due to some misfiguring on the college part.  It appears that one of the guys is taking some graduate classes, and those aren’t supposed to be counted in for the undergraduate GPA.  Also, Timmy Crandall spent last semester studing overseas, and his GPA was recorded as a 0.00.  This isn’t the case at all.  We are hoping that straightening these errors out will get the semester GPA over 3.1
Speaking of Timmy being overseas, hopefully he will be able to share some of his experiences with us in an upcoming Protomoi.  Stay tuned for that.  Also, the chapter is getting ready to change officers, that will happen at the end of January.  If you are interested in attending, let me know and I’ll get you the information (it hasn’t been firmed up yet).
Also, the first weekend in February is the Northern Division conference.  This year it is just north of Chicago.  If you are interested in attending, the information is at the Delta Tau Delta National website. www.delts.org  Please hurry, I’m sorry about the short notice, but the deadline to register is Jan. 20th.  If you plan on attending, let Ferg or me know so we can get together.  This year we will have about 6 underclassmen, Ferg and myself there.  I’m not sure how Ferg talked me into this, being on the road Superbowl Sunday.  But he did.  I hope to see you there.
We have had to change our golf outing this year, due to Easter.  Because Easter falls on the 4th weekend of April, we will move our outing to the 5th weekend.  April 30 is the date.  That is the 5th Saturday of the month.  Hopefully the weather will be nice.  Next year, we will go back to the 4th weekend.  Please make your plans and join us, it is a lot of fun.  And only as competitive as you care to make it.  I’ll make arrangements  and let you know the cost and location.
The college this year is going to do some work on the Delt House.  We have been moved up due to some circumstances with another living quarters on campus.  So we will be getting some new paint, some minor construction repairs, new floor covering, some new furniture, and perhaps more, depending on what the budget allows.  That is good news for us.
At the same meeting that gave us the news about the repairs, I learned that the Sigs are planning on returning to the Marietta campus.  They are coming back next year with a colony.  That will make 4 fraternities on campus.  I asked the administration where they planned on housing another fraternity, since they don’t have a better place for us.  The answer I got was “they are aware of the problem, and it is thier problem.”  I took it that the college isn’t planning on providing them housing.
The Lambda Chi’s are interested in a larger house also, and would like to move from Putnam St. back to 4th St. so they can be with the rest of the Greeks.  There is no place on 4th St.
This leads me into my next topic, housing.  There was very little comment from my last email about housing.  We discussed a location on 3rd St. and a location on 7th St.  If you don’t remember, please look back at email #80.  Well here is another option, perhaps.  There is, on Putnam St., 2 buildings for sale.  They are next door to each other and neither one is big enough for us by itself.  However, both of them together should be suitable.  They are both zoned correctly for us.  They are located near the intersection of 7th and Putnam, on Putnam.  This is directly across the street from where the new dorm will be constructed.  One of the buildings is for sale for about $90,000, and it is the smaller of the 2 buildings.  The downside (or the upside – depending) of this location is it is currently being rented, with a new lease.  The downstairs is leased by a lawyer and the upstairs is rented as an apartment.  So in the short term, this building would pay for itself in rents.  This would help us in affrodability in the short term.
The second building is currently a real estate office.  The upstairs is broken up into offices mainly, with a kitchen for the staff use.  The main floor has some decent space for public areas.  This building, as I recall from an earlier discussion is priced around $200,000.   We can sleep enough to make it pay using both buildings, in my opinion.
The other issue, connecting the 2 buildings.  I will make no guess as to the cost involved in that.  It would, however allow us to pick up whatever extra space we would need.  There are other questions that need to be answered, certianly, but it is another avenue to explore.
Another possibility, the college also presented thier willingness to grant us a long term lease on land they own, should we wish to build on college property.  We are talking new construction pricing there, with all the “dorm style” gov’t requirements invloved.  We need to consider that option also.
People are beginning to send in the 2nd installment on the pledges they made on our building fund drive from last year, and we sure appreciate them.  When our purchase of 507 Putnam St. fell through we released everyone from those pledges.  To those of you interested and able to continue to send a donation to us, we will continue to put the donations in our building fund.  The money will be used for no other purpose.  To send a donation, make the check payable to: Crescent Colony of Marietta, Inc.  Send it to Bob Ferguson, 507 Wooster St., Marietta, Ohio 45750.  Please include a note instructing Bob what the gift is for.  House purchase or general use.
We have a couple of new/updated addresses this time.  Please make note of them and remember to send me an update if you change your email, thanks.  Bob Kubota – moc.r1519324650eitno1519324650rf@at1519324650obukb1519324650  Chris Brewer – moc.l1519324650iamg@1519324650rewer1519324650b.e.s1519324650irhc1519324650
Here are some names of brothers I don’t have email addresses for.  I’m sure there are quite a few others that I don’t have, or are wrong.  If you can help me out, please do.
Joseph Cohn -1969, Joe Baker – 1967, Thomas Lindvall – 1971, Doug Shaffer – 1971, Mark Ewald – 1972, Peter Grob – 1972, Larry Brown – 1974, Scott Elger – 1974, Rodney Stoltz – 1976, Rich Hruska – 1977, Greg McComas – 1977, David Mogill – 1977.
Don’t forget the golf outing, let me know if you are going to attend.  Also, the Northern Division Conference.
Enjoy the rest of the winter,
Rcik Neel ’73