DTD at MC #79

Hi everyone,
Here we are with less than a week to go before homecoming.  Hard to believe that another year has passed, and MC calls us again.  According to Ty Stay (the corresponding secretary) we are expecting 30-40 alumni to be in attendance this year.  That is a much higher number than I had anticipated, due to the timing.  I hope that more will show than we know about so far.
Our schedule of events is a bit muddled, Ty has been working on it and has planned some events, but we are going to just wing it for the rest of the weekend.  On Friday evening when you hit town, stop by the shelter, sign in, and meet with the undergrads and alumni that are here.  We’ll figure out where we’ll be from there.  I know that Al Head is planning on being at the Town House about 9:00.  I haven’t heard of any other firm plans so far.
On Saturday, please come by the house for the homecoming parade and visitation.   I know that we will have coffee, donuts, juice, etc.  Plus for you old-timers, I have 2 coffee cakes from Brownie (you do remember Brownie’s Bakery on Front Street, don’t you?)  I have it on good authority that the float will be done in time for the parade!  The undergrads are talking about an all-nighter on Friday to get it done.
After the parade, and before the football game, we will have our annual House Corp. meeting.  I don’t know what Hartsy has planned, but you will want to be there for that.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we will have a ritual presentation this year.  The timing just doesn’t work out.
On Sunday morning, about 10 am, is the highlight of the weekend.  The annual alumni vs. undergraduate tackle (without pads or other equipment) football game.  I can tell you that (since I’m the one who writes this thing, I’m the one who reports the history.  So pay no attention to what the undergraduates say) the alumni are on a long winning streak.  So we need many alums to be here to win the game.  And for those of us that are too old, we can be there to cheer.  If you have never attended the game, it’s a lot of fun.  Plan on being there.
One thing I want to mention to all alumni.  Marietta College has an alcohol policy.  Please be aware of what it is (any of the undergrads can tell you) and respect it.  We don’t want to get the chapter in any trouble as a result or our actions.  Thank you.
A quick note, Chuck Robinson, class of 1975, has moved back to the area.  He lives in Vincent, Ohio a suburb of Marietta.  He is currently the Athletic Director for the Athens (Ohio) School District.  I hope he plans on coming to homecoming. You are, aren’t you, Chuck?
One other thing, the chapter is in the process of reworking, correcting and upgrading the Big Brother Board.  Please send me your family tree as you know it.  We are especially interested in you, your big brother, and your little brothers.  If you KNOW more than that, it would be extremely helpful.
See you in a week!
Rick Neel ’73