DTD at MC #65

Hello everyone,

For only the 2nd time I’m including some of our Little Sisters in this email, welcome ladies. I hope that you can find some of your lost friends as a result of these emails. We are still missing most of them, so if you are in contact with anyone, either brother or sister, pelase ask them to get in touch with me so I can add them to the mailing list.

Well, summer is here, and the college has emptied of students again. Good news on the grades front for our Delts, they finished the spring semester with a 3.05 GPA. That’s a great accomplishment for them.

Because Ferg was on vacation, I got to do the final walkthrough of the house with the college so the chapter wouldn’t be hit with any fines for not taking care of the place. Aside from a couple of holes in the walls that needed patched, they came through with flying colors. It shows that guys can indeed clean up after themselves (except for Hops, who had to have his parents come to town to help him – wonder why that was?) I’m just joking there, I had the chance to meet his parents and enjoyed my conversation with them.

On the college front, they are making pretty good progress on the library and have broken ground for the planetarium. That is the project that really excites me, I just love the sky shows that those things put on. It is supposed to be avialiable to the public as well as being used for the college community.

I don’t have a lot of news for you this time, because nobody sent me any. That’s probably my fault since it has been so long since I wrote anything. Please guys, send me some news to share.

Some good news, at least I think so, Joe Mester sent me several of the old emails that are missing from our Blog, and I found a couple more while I was cleaning out an old email box of mine. So I”ll be getting them added when I get a couple of minutes and have some motivation. It’s hard to get both things at the same time. It’s funny, I moved back to “slow, sleepy Marietta” and have less time to do things than I did in the big city of Tucson. Wonder why that is?

Karnea is coming soon, it’s only a couple months away. If you have had a change of mind at the last minute, and would like to go to part of it, get in touch with Fergie. Remember it is in Pittsburgh this year, so it won’t get much closer to Marietta, it is fraternity’s 150 anniversary. There will be a side trip to Bethany, for those interested.

The big news, of course, is that our own celebration, #40 is only 4 months away. That’s right, after all these emails we now are just 4 months from the 40th anniversary of DTD on the Marietta campus.

We have heard from several people about thier plans to come to town, I hope that the rest of you are making your arrangements also. I read at the college alumni site at www.marietta.edu that Beth (Thompson) Miller, one of our little sisters and the wife of BAM is in the process of putting together a reunion of the AST’s at homecoming this year. If you know an AST let them know please so they can get in touch with Beth. You can reach her through BAM at **Removed for privacy reasons** Good luck Beth, hope you have a great turnout.

This is the note that Patty (Ritchie) Hoppa sent me when I got in touch with her.

Hi Rick!
Yes, this is the former Patty Ritchie. How are you? What are you doing? I am a first grade teacher here in Baltimore. I am married and have two kids – the oldest is completing his doctorate at Oxford University (England) doing research on diabetes as a neuroscientist, and the younger will start her masters/doctorate at Univ of CA, Santa Barbara as an anthropologist. Do you still play bridge??
Take care, Patty

From Sharon (Czajkowski) Dinunzi I got this note:

Hey Rick,
Wow, what a surprize to hear from you!! Yes, I was a little sister of DTD. I am glad that you reached out … I always scan the MC newsletter for updates on the Delts I went to school with. I defintely remember you (I graduated in 1976) and a lot of the guys from the Delt house. I’ll defintely check out the DTD website and blog. Your email brought a smile to my face and good memories. Thanks.
Best regards,Sharon (Czajkowski) Dinunzi

And Barbara Chandler sent this note to me:

Hi Rick,
I would love to be a part of the festivities. Please keep me informed.

It was a real treat for me to hear from them, hopefully as we go forward, I’ll get the rest of them added to the list.

Justin Rosenberg sent me the following address change, please make note of it. **removed** And here are the little sisters addresses. Patty (Ritchie) Hoppa, Sharon (Czajkowski) Dinunzi, and Barbara Chandler **removed**

We have several Delt speakers lined up for our Banquet, but still have room for a few more, should you wish to share your experiences as a Delt. The requirements are pretty simple; your talk can be whatever you choose so long as it pertains to DTD at MC (bear in mind, this will be a mixed group of people) and it needs to be kept to 10 minutes or so. We will have a computer with power point availiable if you wish. We also need more pictures or other memorabelia to share during the weekend. The speakers we have so far are: Ken Kavula, Greg Maloof, Rich Wolf, Shawn Selby, Brian Rothenberg, Don Wolfe, Jordon Herrick, and Chris Goebel. Let me know if you would like to join them.

David Broome asked me to include the following link because it has a picture that he needs help with. It is of our initiation banquet, and he needs names to go with the faces. I hope I did that right… Below are the names of the people that will be attending the 40th, please let me know of your plans, so we can make our arrangements to take care of everyone. You can find our iterary at the Delt website www.marietta.edu/~delts The cost is $50.00 per person, please make your checks payable to “Crescent Colony of Marietta, Inc.” and send it to Bob Ferguson, **removed**. Please do not send the 40th payment to the college when you are making your reservations with them for homecoming, send it to Bob. Thank you. The college will be sending information about the college activities and costs to you shortly.

That’s all I have for you this time, hopefully I won’t be so long next time. Have a great week! Rick Neel ’73

Delt 40th Anniversary Attendence List
Advisor – Bob Ferguson +1

1960’s – Greg Maloof + 1, Ken Kavula +1, Frank Hirsch (I think)

1970’s – Ted Smith +1, Lance Koved +1, Don Wolfe, Ron Rees, Bruce Miller +1, Bruce Masatsugu +1, Darrell Pritchard +1, Joe Matheny, Randy Williams, Rich Wolf +1, Bob Peterson, Al Head, Bob Kavula +1, Rick Dunsker, Peter Weiner +1, Chuck Robinson +1, Bob Burns, Rick Neel +1, Neal Mettler +?, Joe Mester +1, Bob Bayer +1, Rob Weidenfeld, John DeVito, Joe Kirby +1, Bob Exten +1

1980’s – Drew Kern, Jon Hartshorn, Brian Rothenberg, Chris Goebel, Michael Tita +1

1990’s – Shawn Selby, J.P. Clowes, Matt Christman-Lees, Tim Cox (I think), Greg Manko, Jeff DeWerth +1, Charley Maghes +1, Kevin Oliphant +1

2000’s – Craig Sundstrom, Andy Byers, Justin Nethers, Matt Dole, Corey Medina, Casey Trail, Chris “Smitty” Smith, Seth Wolfson, Trent Elliott, Jordon Herrick, Jake Dornan, Ashley Woolam, Joshua Downey, Doug Orr +1