DTD at MC #56

Hi everyone,

This is going to be a fun email to write, the response to Ted Smith’s memories has been tremendous and gotten several new stories. A couple of them were forwarded to about a third of you, so if you have seen some of this, bear with me. I have to explain here, due to the number of us that are now in the email registery I have to send these out in 3 sections. I have found that once a distribution gets to 100 a lot of spam filters will kick the message out. So I have stopped at 99 and begun another folder. I have 2 1/2 folders now. Pretty good I think for the way we are getting them.

At any rate, we are less than a year away from our 40th anniversary and things are beginning to snowball. I have had a couple of brothers volenteer to speak at our banquet. Greg Maloof and Ken Kavula are planning on sharing some experiences with us. Both of them are from our very early years, Greg – our 1st President and Ken graduated in 1969. We would like to have speakers from every generation if possible, so please don’t be shy. Ken has said that he was going to set up a power point display, so the computer will be there if anyone else wants to go that way. We’d like to keep the comments in the 10 minute or so range, so we can get as many stories as possible in. If there are any Undergrads that would like to share an experience with us, that would be fine. We have also had several brothers say that they have pictures that they are going to dig out and share with us, and some Delt memorbelia (sp?). So if you have something, make plans to share.

I think that I will continue to share some of the stories that I’ve gotten since Ted’s went over so well. I don’t feel that it will distract from our booklet, and it may encourage others. But before I do that, let me share the general comments that I have gotten since the last time.

J.P. Clowes sent me the following note;

Hope everyone is doing well. We were in the Marietta area during homecomming, but had to stay away from campus, as we were meeting some close friends who were in from North Carolina.

I’m glad you sent the stories from Ted. We work together and hearing him tell some of these stories is great. I’m glad he was able to share them with the rest of the group. The tradition of having a “wake” for an outgoing president was something that survived even into the 1990’s, and was a lot of fun. I will have to try to write up some of my memories of how the tradition changed over the years.

My wife Nina is a prolific scrapbooker, and would love to help out Wiona. Please have her contact us and let us know what we can do to help. Also, Duane Stokes was a lost brother from one of your earlier lists, it sounds like Wiona is in contact with his wife? (I know they live here in Columbus, but I don’t know where,

Anyway, Please count us in as needing a room for next year. I will be there come Hell or high water.

J.P. Clowes ’93

Hear that Wiona? There is some help for you. I’m still not sure how we can work the logistics of this. If anyone has any ideas, let me know. Also, since you are in touch with Duane Stokes’ wife, could you get me the email address? I haven’t been able to get it.

Rich Miller sent me the following. I don’t know where he got the idea I as a big mouth though.

Hey Rick,

You were always a noisy SOB and you continue to be. Thank you! Keep blabbing.

What you have been doing for us is fantastic, especially in linking the generations of EU alumni who founded Crescent Colony, our generation of EU and the classes who
have come after us.

As to the thoughts and hopes sent forth by Brother Broome, what a perfect request, search and challenge? The response you have received from Brothers back to the founding of Crescent Colony to the present shows how he has hit the nerve to
release and share the memories and energies of our Chapter. I really look forward to meeting Brother Broome and more of my younger Brothers in October.

While reading of the demise of some early Delt hangouts, I, with you and possibly Joe Matheny, hope that we could educate our current generation of Delts to the skill of locating donuts at 2AM on a Sat. or Sun. morning. Kindly research this before my
arrival .

Thanks for all you do,
Rich Miller

Sorry to tell you this Rich, but Brownie’s is gone. 2 floods and a fire were apparently more than he could take.

Lance Koved wrote to say that he has made his hotel reservations already. Great news Lance, I’m looking forward to seeing you also. I spoke to Matt Dole today and he is still working on the block of rooms for us. He promises to let me know soon. Hurry Matt, times a wastin!

Shawn Selby sent this note from Merry Old England:

Hi Rick.
Greetings from Manchester and greetings from the United Kingdom. I have been here two weeks now and it seems both like I have been here just for a couple of days and it also seems like it has been a lifetime.

I just wanted to pop you a note to let you know I made it here OK. I am still living in a hotel, but should be moving into a flat (apartment) as soon as tomorrow. I’ll do a post on the Web site with pics in a couple of weeks, assuming our Brothers might be interested in my little life adventure. So far this is everything I expected and, despite being mentally prepared, far more overwhelming than I thought it would be.

The hardest thing has been adapting to the accents here. Manchester is a crossroads in the UK & Ireland, so almost every accent in the British Isles can be found here.
Depending on the person I’m speaking to, it ranges from me not being able to
understand him or her at all to not understanding every fifth or tenth word.

Also, I have experienced something I never thought I would experience: homesickness.

Anyway, I’m glad that there is movement among the alumni to carry on the writing project I had to reluctantly drop. Knowing my Brothers as I do, I know I’m forgiven for walking away from it, but I’m so proud that others are stepping forward. Reminds me of the flag and badge ceremony.

Anyway, as they say here in the Empire, “Cheers!”

Duke of Manchester

P.S.: Someone needs to explain to me how Ollie has been allowed to
spawnSEVEN times!

Chuck Robinson wrote with the following;

How are things going? Well I hope. If your still or are going to be in Marietta let me know. I’ll be there sometime soon.

By the way you seem to have left out our little sister program in your addresses. I’m surprised that you forgot about them…..LOL


I haven’t forgotten Chuck, I just don’t have the names or addresses, if any of you are still in contact with any of our Little Sisters, please let me know so I can include them. When I get moved back to Marietta, I’ll get the names and begin to look for them. All help is appreciated.

Chuck also tells me that he is the Athletic Director for Athens High School and that he lives in Zanesville. We are supposed to meet and have dinner in January when he comes to Marietta to play the Tigers. I’m looking forward to that.

Here is an alumni story from Greg Hanson. Congratulations on quitting smoking, I did it in 2000 and am glad that I did. Hope that retirement goes well for you.

Nice to see the memories of our President of a turbulent times. Campus events included the largest hunger strike in the country in reaction to the “Invasion of Cambodia”, several brothers participated. 10 days on crackers and water, yum.
Lots of fun memories as well. I cooked a Thanksgiving Turkey one year in the
old chapter house, forget how many it fed, but it was a good sized bird.
Quit smoking 26 years ago, now looking toward retirement as a clinical psychologist in CT, 30 years in the field, clinic, to private practice, to state

Greg Hanson (72)

Rick Dunsker sent me a story for the 40th booklet, I think I will include in seprately for you all so I don’t make this any longer than it already is.

Here is the list of lost brothers for this week: Joe Baker ’67, Dr. Joseph Cohn ’69, Franklin Hirsch ’69, Doug Shaffer ’71, Murray Talasnik ’71, Gordon Turner ’71, Peter Grob ’72, James Meads ’72, Mike Stein ’72, Paul Craft ’73, Scott Elger ’74, Neal Mettler ’74, Lance Zant ’75, David Mogil ’77, Greg McComas ’77, Richard Hruska ’77,Gregory Carriera ’78, Peter Denio ’78, Steve Dennis ’78, and Alan Head ’78. That is the 60’s and 70’s, can you help?

That’s all I have this time, have a good week. Rick Neel ’73