DTD at MC #55

Hi guys,

I’m afraid that this will be a long email. I have received quite a few notes from brothers from my last email, as well as several comments from the email I sent from Dave Broome, so rather than my comments first, let’s just get to the notes I’ve gotten.

From Nancy Matheny (Joe’s wife) comes the following note concerning our undergrads. Nice news is always welcome!

As Joe(Matheny 75) was working the Ohio High School State Golf tournament as a rules judge, we were not able to attend the Homecoming events, I want to thank the underclass Delts; they are a great group of men and come through for their volunteer time, A very cold morning meet the men this Sat as they arrived on time to wash and wax the vans for O’Neill Senior Center for Make a Difference Day Oct. 27th.
Thanks to all!
Nancy Matheny
Event Planner
for O’Neill Senior Center
333 4th St.
Mairetta, OH 45750
We will be posting the photos on our website soon.

From Peter Weiner, my little brother. Yes Pete, the message did get to me. About a week after this one did. Sorry we couldn’t hook up, for sure next year.

Hey Big Bro
Sorry we missed you while my wife (Karen) and I were in the area.
Unfortunately I had just acquired a “new ” laptop that I used to travel with. In
refurbishing the laptop I did not have the time to transferee my contact and
other stuff. About the only thing I did get loaded was the GPS software.
I did try to reach you thru the alumni site but I guess the message didn’t get
thru to you.
Anyway we saw some great fall leaves and mentally sent our thoughts to you and all the brothers during homecomings. Oh well maybe next year


From Kevin Oliphant, who stopped by the house on Saturday afternoon. I missed him sorry to say, but I have to comment on the 7 kids thing! Wow, what is your food bill? Glad you have raised the next Delt legacy!

For now **removed for privacy reasons** is the best way to contact me but i will get any mail either way. It was good stopping by the house over the weekend. My kids enjoyed seeing my long hair and beard from my freshman year. For the record i am now working for Naitonwide Insurance as a Senior Claims Representative. Im still in Vienna WV and only 15 minutes away from the house. I have 7 (Yes! Seven kids that keep me busy.) One of which cant wait to turn 18 and become a Delt. Life is good here in WV.
Keep me up to date as to whats going on with the house!

Mike Biefus sent this email, it’s short and sweet. Welcome home Mike!

Rick,You can remove me from the “lost brothers” list! Mike Beifus

Randy “Awk” Williams sent me the following, thanks for the effort Awk. Don’t forget to get his address to me.

Rick, Is Kurt Frank from Marietta? If so, he was a DeMolay and I believe his mother is still living inthe “BIG” city and if so she attends my old church (also Fergie’s). If this is right, I will be glad to get his contact info.

From Jmac McEldowney comes the following announcement. Congratulations! May your life together be long and happy!

Hey Rick. Thanks for including me in your emails. Anyhow, I have some news for you to share with everyone since I didn’t make it to homecoming thisyear.Last week I got engaged to my now fiance, Alicia. I popped the big question at dinner last
weekend on a visit to Columbus. It was very nice but we have been trying to plan
this week as our school district gets a fall break. The wedding will be next July
here in Dayton. That’s all I have for now. I am hoping to make it to Marietta in
thenext few weeks so maybe we can enjoy some beers at the Townhouse (areyou
living in etta yet??)! Thanks for keeping us up to date. Jonathan “Jmac”

Greg Maloof sent the following message. As you can see, he’s planning on attending the 40th, I hope you are too!

Thank you for all you do. Had a great week end – even though the campus has
REALLY changed !! The few Delts I met seem to continue our original
guidelines. From all reports all of us have a lot to be proud of at the MC
Chapter. Looking forward to the 40th !! Take care. Greg Maloof ’67

Ashley Wollam, the chapter guide sent me the following note, to those of you who are interested in something to honor EU Chapter Eternal, take note. Ashley is working on it. I’m sure, with how the chapter ritual work is now, it will be something special.

Hello! I hope all goes well.
Unfortunately, Delta Tau Delta does
not currently have a ritual for our brothers who have passed to Chapter Eternal.
I believe we had a simple ceremony ages ago, but that in the past half-century
or so it has fallen out of our ritual books.

That being said, I have always wished there were one, and I don’t believe this should stop us from making our own. I’ll get some guys together and write one up for the 40th. I might hold this off until December (I’m caught in ending a busy semester), but we’ll be well situated before the 40th.

Thank you for this suggestion! We’ll have to get together with you to see what you think of the ceremony once it has been drafted.

Cheers, Ashley

It is both of our thoughts that this should be a public ceremony, so your wives, children and significant others will be more than welcome.

Fergie sent me the following note. We now have a place reserved for our 40th anniversary banquet. It should be plenty big enough to hold all of us.

I have reserved the Shrine Club for dinner for October 25,2008 and paid the
deposit to hold it.The Shrine can cater the dinner and I think that is our best
choice. More details to follow.

The following group of messages are responses from Dave Broomes letter. I hope that the rest of you are putting your thoughts together for a letter. And we will, evidently have some memorbellia around to share.

Seth Wolfson has some pictures from the flood that he will share with us. Seth, if you could let me know how I can get ahold of them so I can get them copied.

Bill DeLong sends the thought that our Hugh Shields awards came during the 92/93 and 93/94 school years. Do you have any recollection about how you guys felt at being so honored? That would be interesting reading.

Greg Maloof sent me the following, along with volenteering to speak. That would be nice Greg.

Hi, Right now I am planning to attend. I would be honored to say a word or two.
Unfortuneately I had a total house fire after graduation & Delt ceremonies.
Nothing was left, but I think we had a historian to keep all news clippings,
pictures, letters, etc. Who are the 4 deceased members ?? Thank you & take
care. Greg

Unfortunately, Greg we have lost more than 4 brothers. My list shows 7 men. They are; William Havens, Tom Robinson, Edward Ives, Kevin Miller, Peter Cartoun, Fritz Absolon, and Kevin Hayes.

Mark Schlickler sent the following note, I hope that you can find them Mark. How about you BAM, do you still have yours?

If I can find them(pictures) I will start sending them. Bruce Miller also took alot of pictures.

Best regards Mark Schickler ’69 Beta Delta Epsilon pledge and founding Crescent Colony and Delt Chapter member

Ted Smith sent the following; and included some thoughts for the 40th’s booklet which I won’t include here, but will forward on to the correct people to get it included.

I enjoyed the thoughts that Dave Broome included in his letter.

First of all, Dave’s idea of a recognition for brothers who have passed is important.
Through the years, I believe only a few have passed (Bill Havens, Roger Coffman (?), Ned Ives, Tom Robinson (?) and they should be acknowledged—Whether we knew them or not, they were part of our family and remain in EPSILON UPSILON’S “Chapter Eternal”.

The strength of Epsilon Upsilon has always been in its diversity. We offered
what no one else on campus could offer: we weren’t just jocks…we weren’t just
drinkers…we weren’t just scholars…we were and remain a complete mix of
backgrounds, ideals and philosophies linked by the solidarity of Delt

In the early years, the Delts were the under-dogs…but we struggled,
strengthened and survived while other houses drifted into oblivion (Sigs, TEPs,
Lambda Chis)
Thoughts from my memory…

I don’t have Roger Coffman listed as having passed on. Does anyone know for sure?

Bob and Pat Bayer sent the following. I sure hope that you can find that material Bob. And yes, 2008 will be my 35th. How time flies, the only way I can tell, is my hair! I don’t have nearly as much now. See the 2 of you there.

We have some things that may be of interest; things that go back to
maybe as early as ’66 til ’72. As soon as we locate them, probably after
Christmas at the very earliest, we will let you know what we have. Hoping that
we will be able to attend Homecoming as it will be the DTD 40th and my (and
your) 35th.Thanks for all the hours and effort you have contributed on behalf of
the house!Pat & Bob Bayer

I got the following note from Mike Porath’s wife, Winona. It sounds like a wonderful idea, a scrapbook. I don’t know if that would be something we could get done before the 40th or if it something that would have to be done after. What do you guys think? It is far outside my area of expertise.


I love the idea of putting together a 40th booklet. I would be honored to volunteer to put together a permanent scrapbook of these submitted pictures (I would make copies and return the originals) to keep in the house.

I wonder if you would be willing to put out a call to the “Deltwives” Club, to see who might want to help. While we weren’t Delts, some of our experiences so overlap with our Delt husbands, that it would be an honor to do something for the chapter.

I know Angie Stokes would help…she is my “Big Sis” from Tri-Sigma…seems like lots of us married Delts…

Do you think anyone would like us to get involved, or would it be better if we just supported 🙂

Deltwife of Michael Porath ’90

I don’t know which would be better, my off the cuff feeling is why not get involved? You were during the undergraduate years. How about the rest of you “Delt wives”?

I have some new, and updated addresses for you. Remember, you can get the whole list at the Chapter website. It is password protected. The password is: **removed, contact Rick Neel or the chapter if you need it**.

Jess Raines, Mike Beifus, Tim Tokarczyk, Lee Boveroux, Tyler Snell, Dan May, and our newest future alumni (otherwise known as our newest pledge) Andrew Norris. Since this email is so long, I won’t include a “lost brothers” list this week. That’s all I have, hope that everyone has a great weekend! Rick Neel ’73