DTD at MC #54

Good morning everyone,
Homecoming is over. I had a great time and got to see some people that I haven’t seen in a while. I also got to meet Greg Maloof, our 1st president. We got to have a nice visit and then watch him walk in the homecoming parade the next morning. We had a pretty good turnout for homecoming this year, about 25 alums came back. For a list of who was there, check the most recent Protimoi, which was published after homecoming, http://www.marietta.edu/~delts/alumni/protimoi/Protimoi_-_Fall_2007.pdf It has quite a bit of news concerning the chapter. Check it out.

At the House Corp meeting following the parade, we learned something concerning the fate of our chapter house. The college is working on its next “5 year plan” and it has as the centerpiece of it student housing. With the exploding number of undergraduates, both in incoming freshmen and retaining upperclassmen, the college is really feeling a housing pinch. As a chapter, we are working with the college to try to assure that the housing we get in the future (our house, as we have discussed in the past is in serious need of being replaced) is something that we can be proud of and the type of shelter that the chapter wants. The college is planning on making its plan public in February, so then we will have a better idea as to what we can expect. More news will be forthcoming, as we get it.

We have come up with a schedule of events for our 40th anniversary. Times are still up in the air but here is what we have come up with so far. On Friday night, we are planning on a cruise on the river with the Valley Gem. Saturday will be the homecoming parade and football game. Saturday evening will be a banquet. On Sunday there will be the annual undergrad vs. alumni football game. During the weekend we will have a House Corp meeting and a Ritual house meeting. The price tag that we have decided on (since I have asked for input on this issue and gotten none) is no more than $50 for the whole weekend. This doesn’t cover hotel or bar costs, of course. We will have a cash bar at both the river cruise and the banquet.

I got the following note from Matt Dole concerning a block of rooms for next year, as well as some volenteers to edit our reunion booklet that Shawn Selby has had to relinquish due to his moving to England. So please continue to write a story for us and send it to me. I will get it forwarded to the correct person for editing and inclusion in the booklet.

Hey Rick – I’ll go ahead and work on lining up a block of hotel rooms this
week. I was going to try to comfort Inn, but Andy stayed there and said
the rooms were sort of ratty, so I’m thinking of going with either the Hampton
Inn or the Holiday Inn. Not sure what kind of rate we can get since they
probably already sell a bunch for homecoming, but at least we’ll have a block of
rooms to choose from. I’ll have an update shortly.

Also, late Saturday afternoon Kevin Oliphant stopped by the house. He has a new email address. It’s *removed due to privacy issues*

Finally, I am going to email David Broome, Eric Gustafson and Brian Rothenberg about keeping the “stories of DTD” going, and will hopefully have a new deadline and instructions by the time you send out your next update.

Could you provide me a list of the class/era agents you have so far? I think we might be able to work through them to get something to us.

I’ll be glad to help fill in any gaps left by Shawn after his move – I know he was helping out quite a bit on different things.


Unfortunately, the undergrads managed to break the alums winning streak in our annual football game. It was a pretty physical game with quite a few sore guys on both sides of the ball. Wait until next year, we’ll take the trophy back. (Oh wait, there isn’t a trophy. Damn!, there should be.)

Here are some notes that I have received from the guys since the last email. They sent me several new addresses. As you find some of the missing brothers, please let me know. Also, with this email I have included the new members, our newest “prealums.” Welcome guys.

From Trent Elliott, an announcement on his newest daughter. Congratulations Trent! What did you name her?


I have news on a couple of the names on your list. Seth Pitasky’s mother and my mother are friends, so I was able to track down his email. It is *removed*.

As far as Todd Myers, he will be delivering my second daughter some time in the next two weeks. My wife had a checkup yesterday, in which she told him that the MC Delts are looking for him. He said that he would get his contact information to Fergie so that you can add him to your list.

Trent Elliott

Trent and Fergie, don’t forget to get in touch with Todd and get me his address. Thanks!

Hops sent me the following note, and I’d like to mention that the picture he mentions is Andy Byers new son. He did get it posted, in email #51 I think. Also, he mentioned that Tom Gray will be the homecoming King candidate. He won. Congratulations Tom.

Hey Rick,
I will be sending out a Protimoi shortly after Homecoming week with
all the events that havetaken place this semster. In the meantime, our
fall rush went really well, we have 9 new pledges that have started going
through their pledge education period. There are still a few guys that we
feel will join, but they will probably wait until the spring semester due to
personal reasons. I will be adding there names to the email list and hope
to have an updated one up tonight (tomorrow, at the latest).

Our fall break begins this Saturday and goes until Tuesday. We will be coming back
right into Homecoming week and all the activities that go with that, as well as
preparing you and the other alumni who are coming in. Our Homecoming
candidate this year is Tom Gray and he will be representing the House in all of
the activities.

I will try to get that picture up soon. It shouldn’t take too long to do.

Other than that, I will see you in alittle over a week. Are you coming in Thursday or Friday next week?

Dean Didato sent me the following new addresses, thanks Dean and welcome guys. Hope to hear from you in the future. Hope that you had a good time at the baseball game. I’d like to see a game in Fenway sometime.

Bill Ludington (84’) has been sighted. He is living in Weston,
Florida and can be reached *removed* . I am certain that he would like to hear
from a couple of Delts.

James Mason (84’) and I attended a Boston Red Sox
game against the Blue Jays last month and had a great time. Jim can be
reached at *removed* .

Keep the news coming!
Best regards,
Dean Didato – Germantown, TN

Hops sent me the following email addresses that he picked up from the database at the website. If you haven’t checked that out and filled it in, please take a minute and do so, so we can have accurate up to date information. The link to the site is: http://www.marietta.edu/~delts/ You can also check the photos from the football game on Sunday and Delt Dah Day earlier in the semester. Kevin, I have 2 new addresses for you in this email, which one do you want me to use? Let me know please.

Kevin Oliphant – *removed* Jonathan McEldowney – *removed*

We are now up to 250 addresses, so we are getting closer to 100%. Thanks to everyone for the help.

I need some volenteers to call all of the brothers in your era to try to get them to come to our 40th anniversary, if you are interested (or willing) let me know, please. I have several, but need more.

Here are some brothers that I need help finding this week. Steve Newton ’66, Peter Ross ’67, Joe Farrell ’68, Roger Coffman ’69, Paul Schoenfeld ’70. Thomas Lindvail ’71, Mark Ewald ’72, John Alligood ’73, Lawrence Brown ’74, G. Curtis Brown ’75, Rodney Stoltz ’76, Michael Beifus ’77, Gregory Carriera ’78, Scott Gilmore ’79, Steven Blumenfeld ’80, Kurt Frank ’81, Brett Burkey ’82, Bruce Goldfarb ’83, Steven Bennett ’84, Paul Kelly ’85, John Baxley ’86, David Caldwell ’87, Jim Bailey ’88, Mike Conty ’89, Doug Stewart ’90, John Morein ’91, Dan Moorman ’92, Brian Clark ’93, David Faunce ’94, Dean Kilton ’96, Brent Blackburn ’97, Shawn Spence ’98, Colin Orsini ’02, Leonard Labriola ’03, Tim Tokarczyk ’04, Charlie Wachunas ’06.

That’s all I have this time, have a good week. Rick Neel ’73