DTD at MC #53

Hi everyone,
Hope that you all had a great week, and remember that there is only 2 weeks left before homecoming 2007. I hope to see you at the house that weekend.

I haven’t heard from the guys as far as any chapter news lately, so I can’t tell you about that. I do know that rush is over now and the guys had high hopes on recruiting more high quality men to help the chapter continue to grow. I’ll report on that next time.

Be sure to check out the Delt blog, Shawn Selby has posted an announcement concerning his future. I won’t say more so go check it out yourself. Suffice it to say, he is really excited about it and it has prevented him from helping me out with the blog. http://mcdeltalumni.blogspot.com/

I have received a couple of new addresses, one correction and a found “lost” brother. The found one is exciting to me since he is from my era. The replacement address is Bob Burns ** removed for privacy reasons** please make note of the correction. And the new brother is Tim Roark, welcome Tim, I’m glad that we found you. His address is: **removed** . Thank you Bob Kubota for finding Tim. He tells me that Tim is living in Seattle and working as a computer programmer.

Bob Burns sent me the following note concerning his new email address, and what is going on with him.

I did get the email. Actually, I’ve had two e-mail addresses here
at The Ohio State University: one on the osu.edu domain and one on the
nrri.osu.edu domain. The nrri e-mail address is no longer valid.
(NRRI, by the way, is the National Regulatory Research Institute, where I
worked for 27 1/2 years. ) I have switched departments because NRRI is
leaving OSU. I am not going with them. Instead, I will continue at
OSU as a Research Specialist in OSU’s Engineering Experiment Station working on
and leading the regulatory task on the Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration
Partnership. At the moment, the auto reply is being generated for both
e-mail addresses. That will continue until I am able to switch off of the
nrri server, which I hope will be sometime late this week or next. This is
university red tape at its best.
Bob Burns

A while back, #46 I believe, I wrote about a music video that was shot at the house and a video done by a brother (Jon Bolden). Well Jon finally got around to responding to my questions about the two issues. Here is what Jon had to say:

Hey Rick,
I was reading through the old newsletters and I totally missed the parts
about the Delt related music videos and wanting details. Here’s the story about
the “Flinch” music video filmed at the beloved Delt House. Ken
(a fellow Delt, class of 04?? maybe?), decided that he
wanted to shot a music video. The local band, Flinch, happened to be four of my
best friends and the perfect type of catchy-pop music. Ken decided to shoot it
in the house on the first weekend of school in 2004. It was a really long day
but a ton of fun. I think we could all agree the highlight was the guitar
player, Jeff Dutton, picking up a shirtless Bam Nethers. I remember making a remark towards Bam’s size. I believe it was “Was that kid raised on pudding pops?” Casey Trail remembers better than I. As for my video, it was just something I threw together in my free time in Columbus. As usual, great job on the newsletters and I’m hoping to return for the formal next year. I hear it ‘s gonna be a doozy.I also heard you will be moving to Marietta? Something about a Walgreens opening. Whatever it is, good luck! I’m sure your close proximity will be a benefactor to the chapter.

Brother Boldenclass of `05

Brotherhood sustaining us over and over again…

Here are the links to the videos if you didn’t look last time, or just want to see them again. http://youtube.com/watch?v=LR_2GqsTxFE&mode=related&search and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3QzesDiMv8

I got a copy of a message from Bruce Masatsugu concerning a golf outing he makes every year to Phoenix, it was sent to my brother Jim. Wouldn’t it be neat if all of the guys that live in Arizona could get together and play a round when Bruce is in town? I know that I would play if I was still here. I hope that you guys have a good time.

How have you been? Rick says that you’ve taken up golf. Great
game.Anyway, as Rick said, we normally go to Scottsdale around January
orFebruary. Been doing this for about 15 years. He probably
mentioned thatwe did Tucson rather than Scottsdale last year. I think we
played Vistoso,Tucson National and La Paloma.We don’t have any dates yet for
next year, it would be great if we could gettogether for a round either before
or after our Scottsdale outing. We normally fly in Thursday night and
leave Sunday night after the Sundayround. So…., if you’re interested, I
could either come in on Wednesdaynight/earlly Thursday morning or leave on
Monday night. We could eitherplay in Scottsdale or Tucson. I’ll let
you know when the dates are set. Until then, hit ‘um straight
andlong! Bruce

Matt Dole, I have had a couple of responses to your request to get an idea of the number of rooms you will need to book for our 40th. And it is so early, I bet we have a HUGE turnout. Make your plans now and if you need help with a room, be sure to let us know so Matt has an idea about how many to book. The earlier the better, for Marietta is a small town and homecoming brings in a lot of folks. The dates are October 24th thru the 26th, 2008. Here are the notes.

From Greg Manko;

Hi Rick and Matt,
My partner Tim and I plan to attend the festivities next
year, so please block a room for us.Thanks! Greg

and from Joe Kirby;


I am planning to attend the 40th anniversary of EY chapter in
2008, so any help with a room would be greatly appreciated. At the 25th,
my wife and I ended up in Parkersburg… a little off the beaten

Thanks for your consideration.

I mentioned last time that I was going to list the brothers who have bad addresses in my lists. Hopefully some of you are in contact with these brothers and can get me a current address. If they are current, they are being rejected for some reason, so if you can let me know a better way to reach them. I will be deleting them from my list after this attempt if I don’t hear from someone. Thanks!

Gordon Keller, Seth Pitasky, William Warner, G. Curtis Brown, Jonathan Young, Todd Myers, and James Berry.

That’s all I have for this time, next go around I’ll start asking for lost brothers again. Hope you can help. Hope to see you in Marietta. Rick Neel ’73