DTD at MC #52

Good afternoon to everyone,
I tried to write this the other day, got almost all done and (because I’m an idiot) then erased it! Got me all frustrated, so it has taken me about 5 days to get back to it!

Anyway, I got some responses from my last email, so I’ll share them with you. As you know, homecoming 2007 is fast approaching, the weekend of October 19th, I hope you can make it. We also have a firm date for 2008, the year of our 40th anniversary. It will be October 24th thru the 26th. Be sure to start making your plans now, and let us know. Matt Dole is going to try to get a block of rooms at a reduced price at a Marietta hotel. But he needs to have some sort of an idea how many rooms we will need . I think we will have a good turnout, so let us know that you are coming.

In my last email, I mentioned that I had been in Florida visiting my Mother. Well, my little brother, Peter Weiner, sent me the following email. Sorry Peter, it just slipped my mind, you can be sure that I will give you a call next year.

Big Bro,

How could you come to Fla. and not contact your Little Bro! Earl would be so ashamed of you (LOL).
Next time you head south please give us a call and/or a visit.

Oh by the way, my wife Karen and I will be in the area this fall, probably around Oct., dates have not been set. Have to visit the in-laws in Charleston and then children in Cincinnati. Hopefully we will make a pit stop in Marietta while in route. Will keep you posted.


Matt Dole sent me the following note, remember he got a job with a Columbus political organization.

Hi Rick – Another good update… except for the part about that “blogger,” they’re nothing but hacks! Actually, I am still in Marietta. Thanks to the internet and cell phones I am able to do most of the work from here for now. We’ll see what the 2008 cycle brings, but in the mean time I continue with Trent Elliott at his family’s company in addition to the consulting.

It was good to see an email from Wiona Porath as well. She helped me celebrate my 21st birthday in Marietta, which would make a great story for Selby… if I could remember anything from that night!

Speaking of the story that Matt can’t remember, Shawn Selby is asking for your help in putting together a booklet of personal stories from your undergraduate days. You can pick up what he is looking for from our blog; http://mcdeltalumni.blogspot.com/ Please remember, he has a cutoff date of November of this year. I sent him one, you can too!

Andy Byers sent me the following announcing the birth of his legacy, one who will be a new alum in time for our 60th anniversary! Congratulations Andy. I sent the picture along to Shawn to post in the blog, but apparently he’s been too busy, if he doesn’t get around to it shortly, I’ll give it a shot myself.

Hey Rick, It’s a little different to be on the alumni end of these emails, but I guess such is life. Anyway, my fiance (Katie Lantz, Chi Omega, 2007) and I just had a beautiful, healthy little boy named Scott. Attached to this email are some pictures. As for myself, I have a few little things lined up. First, I am finalizing my agreement with Parkersburg High School to be the Assistant Coach for their Crew Team. Secondly, I am working temporary, part time jobs that don’t really amount for anything (this is what happens when you major in math but don’t want to teach or go to grad school). So, if there are any Marietta-central alumni looking for a mathematical or industrial related career starter, please get in touch with me. As for Katie, she is starting work as a manager of the new Marietta Walgreens alongside you, Rick, in January. Anyway, looking forward to homecoming and all the shebangs of the coming year(s).~Andy

Mark Schlicker sent this note agreeing with Al Masons email of last time. It shows how far we have come in our first 40 years. May the next 40 be as successful.

Rick,As a another founding member I have to agree with Al. We were the smallest and least significant frat on campus in 1968. All of you through the years have really done a great job. Congratulations.I wish I could be with you all for Homecoming this year but unfortunately, my wife Patti ’69 has three herniated discs that must be addressed surgically. Best wishes and continued success.Mark A. Schickler, DPM

Hops sent me an answer to my question concerning the Alumni Update project. As you can tell, there was a glitch in the system over the summer. So if you filled it out in the last 3 or 4 months, please do so again. We know that there is some bad information there, please help us straighten it out. It will only take a minute. The address is; http://www.marietta.edu/~delts/

Hey Rick,I want to apologize for it taking me so long to respond back to you. We have been very busy since getting back. We had a very successful Delt Dah Day yesterday; pictures will be on the site soon. But along with Delt Dah Day, the Sternwheeler Festival was this weekend, so we were busy setting up and taking down the stage and selling programs.We’ve had 35 people update their information on the survey. The number is probably low because I made a mistake in the coding we I last updated it, so the form would not submit itself. It was like that for probably the whole summer. So if you could please push people to update their information, especially those who tried in the last 4 months; I’d appreciate it greatly.I also wanted to let you know that Greg Maloof ’67 called me the other day to let me know that he is coming for hom ecoming this October for his 40th anniversary since graduating. On top of that we have rented out the new side room of The Brewery on Front Street for Saturday night, October 20th, during homecoming this year. Please pass this information onto the rest of the alums, especially those who are still close to Marietta. We would love to see a lot of alums come out for this, but we realize many of them are waiting for our 40th anniversary to come back to Marietta.
Other than that, we are preparing for our fall rush, which will be taking place Sunday, September 16th, through Friday, the 21st.I?ll keep you updated,Hops
Did you also notice that Greg Maloof is planning on being in town? I don’t believe that I have ever met him so I’m looking forward to doing so. How about the rest of you founders? I know that there are several still in the Marietta area, come back this year also. It doesn’t cost anything!

Also, for the locals, the chapter has rented the new room at the Marietta Brewery for homecoming. Show up and help them fill the place up. I’ll be there.

Joe Mester sent me the next note. Congratulations to you and Julie on 30 happy years. He also sent me a new address, Ken Weaver. Ken was our first 2 term President. Welcome Ken, hope you can make homecoming. I hope that you and Julie can make it Joe, it’s been a long time.

Rick, Sorry for not responding sooner but Julie and I recently spent a week in Hawaii to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. Been trying to catch up ever since. I spoke with Ken Weaver and he sounded real positive about the delts 40th. He is still a math teacher and the varsity wrestling coach at Avon Lake HS and he was recently inducted into their sports hall of fame. His e-mail is moc.r1519325821ennur1519325821daor@1519325821evaew1519325821rk1519325821 (it’s kinda hard to see but thats a “R” after the k KRWEAVE).

I tried briefly to contact Mark Russell without success. I will try harder. Good luck with the new store. I remember working at Rinks in Marietta prior to and shortly after the store opened. It was fun (and a lot of work) setting up the store. I quit when they tried to move me from home improvements to toys right before Christmas. It just wasn’t my cup of tea.

I assume you were visiting your mom in Florida? I hope she is doing okay. Tell her I was thinking of her. Say Hi to Jim and Darrell for me next time you talk with them. We don’t know yet but there is a slight chance Julie and I may go to Marietta’s homecoming this year as it is Julie’s 30 year class reunion. Joe

That’s about all I have for this week. Hope you all have a good weekend. Rick

P.S. I’ve gone all through the missing member list. So I”ll be starting over. Next time I’ll give you the names of the bad addresses that I have, and am going to have to purge. If you can help with them, I appreciate it. If you are in contact with any of the missing (pick up the list at the chapter website the password is: mcdelts) please pass this along to them and ask them to get in touch with me. Thanks!