DTD at MC #49

Good afternoon everyone,

I have had a couple of volunteers to help locate our missing brothers, and ironically both stepped forward the same day. “Smitty” Smith and “Gib” Gibson both have volunteered to attempt to locate our missing brothers from the 1990s. Good luck guys, and thank you very much for stepping up.

I’m still looking for volunteers to look for the missing from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and the ’00s. Let me know if you are able to help.

Joe Mester sent me a note saying he is going to try to get in touch with a couple of ex-presidents.


After reading your most recent e-mail I went in the basement and located a 1995 Delta Tau Delta Directory that I bought (I guess back in 1995), and looked up the 1995 addresses for Mark Russell and Ken Weaver. I then did a white pages search for them on the MSN internet site. I found matching addresses (which I guess means they haven’t moved in the last 12 years).

(Contact information removed for privacy reasons.)

The 1995 directory lists Mark as a dairy farmer and Ken as a wrestling coach. When we had the 25th anniversary I called Mark to encourage him to attend but he couldn’t get away from the cows. I would believe his situation would not have changed. So getting him to come to the 40th will probably not occur. I will call both and get e-mail addresses from them to at least get them in the e-mail loop.

DTD national could be a good resource for a print-out of EU Alumni members addresses (and other information) currently on file. It might require a vice-pres authorization (and hopefully at no cost).

If you need me to look up others that were established alumni in 1995 send me a note.


Thanks Joe, let me know what you find out, will you? Also, any of you that live in Maine or the Cleveland area that can, give the guys a call and say “Hi” and let them know we are looking for them.

Speaking of finding lost Brothers, we also had the good fortune of having a lost Brother find us. Just before graduation, Al Mason ’68, one of our founders stopped by the Chapter house and spent some time visiting with the undergrads. That is great news, welcome back Al!

Here is the note I got from Hunter Jonsson with the information about Al as well as an update on him and his new job. Thanks Hunter, and good luck in Houston!

Hey Rick,

I do have the address for Al Mason. I apologize for not sending it right away, I had planned on emailing him myself but then finals came and graduation and the The Move. I should have just expedited right to you.

Anyhow, I’m sure Andy gave you the low down, but apparently Mr. Mason has had zero contact with the Chapter (or the school) and just happened to be driving by Marietta on I-77 and thought he would drop in. I know Andy mentioned the 40th but I don’t know if he mentioned the Blog, Web site or newsletter.

(Contact information remove for privacy reasons.)

His little brother is Joe Ferrell (unconfirmed).

I hope you are excited about your move. I’m looking forward to visiting Marietta and seeing the folks in the community that I have missed, and I’m glad you will be joining those folks. As for me, I’m just about settled in The Woodlands, Texas, a suburb of Houston and I start work with Weatherford on Monday. It will nice to finally have a paycheck coming in!

Take care Rick and sorry again for the delay.


P.S. – I don’t know if Hops mentioned it, but www.mcdelts.org will also get you to the Chapter homepage now.

Did you notice the new link to get to the Chapter Web site? Hops keeps moving our site forward, we are lucky to have him, be sure to check it out. The password to access the address list and the Chapter meeting minutes is: (Removed. Contact the Chapter or Rick Neel for the password.)

I got a couple of emails from Shawn Selby concerning the stories we are requesting for the 40th.

I just did a post on the Blog about what I’m looking for in terms of the Delt stories.

He also sent me a response to my question about whether he had gotten any thing yet. So please start to think about what you have to share. Make note that he will quit taking stories in November, 2007.

No, haven’t gotten anything. And that’s why I decided to do a separate post giving some instructions. We really hadn’t said anything other than “send us your stories” without any guidance on what exactly to do. So now that that’s spelled out, hopefully we’ll get some.

(Honestly, I hadn’t really thought about what I wanted until your last email, and then I thought I needed to get off my butt and give some structure to the idea.)

In a few weeks I’ll write and post my “story” as an example and that will be another way to encourage everyone. Hey, write up a story and we can post that one too as another example 🙂

Plus, you should probably link to the post in your next email and give some more encouragement. Maybe even tell everyone not to be afraid of my editing techniques lol!

Please don’t be afraid of what he will do to your story, he really doesn’t draw blood when he edits. He does all of mine when they hit the Blog! (And I have to admit that they are improved.)

Matt Dole tells me that he is going to get in touch with the administration and firm up the dates for the 2008 Homecoming weekend. I don’t know what Hartsy has with you either, but you tell us, is his comment deserved?

Hey Rick,

Thanks for the update. Glad to hear you’re on track to return to Marietta. The Walgreen’s construction is causing havoc with my favorite Chinese restaurant in town, but I won’t hold you responsible for that.

I’ll check with the folks at the college on the date for Homecoming, I assume they have it firmed up by now and I will let you know.

As for Hartsy’s email, I just wanna know why that guy doesn’t like me!


I got some financial information from Fergie the other day. I’m going to include it here so you can see how we sit financially.

Financial numbers:
Checking: $750
Savings: $1,000
CD $5,600

He also sent me some information for an Alumni Development Conference, for people who are interested in volunteering to work with the fraternity. It is very low cost so if you are interested in going, contact Tim Nelson at International headquarters: ten.s1518989797tled@1518989797stled1518989797.

Another item for guys who want to get involved in the Fraternity is the John W. Fisher Alumni Development Conference. This year in Cincy on Aug 10-12. All expenses are paid except for $49. This would be something you might want to participate in this year or next year. If interested, you can still register by July 21, 2007. Tim Nelson is the guy in charge.

Fergie also tells me that he and Nick Aylward went to a leadership conference in May. Glad to know that it is helpful, and that the money the fratenity gets is put to a positive use.

I don’t know if I told you or not that Nick Aylward, president of the Chapter, and I went to Indianapolis for the Presidents and Chapter Advisors in May. It was very helpful and helped with communications between the two of us. Well done but very concentrated.

I also got an updated address from Andy Byers. To all of you new alumni, when you pick your new address please be sure to remember us here. And your snail mail address to Hops!

That’s all I have for this time, have a good week.

Rick Neel ’73