DTD at MC #45

(This email was written on May 5th. Sorry it took so long to get it posted)

Hello everyone,

Well I am back from Marietta and a wonderful time there. The weather was nice, and I didn’t freeze as sometimes happens to this desert dweller. Got to meet a bunch of the guys. And we had a better turnout for the golf than I expected.

I have to admit that I got my butt handed to me by AWK (and everyone else!) Darrell Pritchard was right, I left my shots here in Tucson. We did have a good time though. All 7 of us.

We got started on the Ritual equipment, but didn’t get it finished. There were a couple of issues that we failed to take into account (does that really surprise anyone?) But what we did do makes me know that it will be pretty special when we get done. Hope that you all make it back to Marietta to see what the equipment looks like. It will be nice.

I took a few pictures of the work as well as the golf group. They have been left in the capable hands of Hops and Hunter, so they should make it to the chapter Web site sometime. Just don’t expect them right away, the guys have finals and “Ferg Fest” to keep them busy for the next couple of weeks.

I did get a couple of notes since the last time I wrote. So lets get on with them.

Andy McIlivane ’93 sent me the following.

Hi Rick,

Are you looking for Dean Kilton? He lives and works in Columbus, Ohio, doing his sports management thing at the exercise facilities at the Easton shopping complex.

Andy McIlvaine, DTD `93

I had an address for Dean, and sent him a note. He told me that he would prefer that I not use that address, and he would send me a more appropriate one. He hasn’t yet. So any of you who are in touch with him, remind him will you?

Chris Kurtz sent me the following note, and I really suggest that you check it out. It is really neat. Also, I have to send my congratulations to Chris on the birth of his daughter. That is a pretty good excuse for not playing golf.

Im not sure if everyone already knows about this but a band called Flinch (not sure if its made up of chapter guys) has a music video on youtube filmed at the house. Pretty cool way to see the house. I liked it a lot. Send my kudos to the guys at the house. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3QzesDiMv8
Chris Kurtz ’93

PS: Sorry I couldnt make it to the golf outing. My wife and I had our second child (Katherine Rose) on April 26th. Her brother Evan turned 2 just 5 days before. Its been a bit busy.
Chris Kurtz ’93

Some bad news, if true. I asked Hops to check it out through the college. But Ted Smith sent me this note about one of our founders.


I hope I’m mistaken, but I thought I read somewhere that ROGER COFFMAN ’69 passed away several years ago. I hope I’m wrong.

Ted Smith

Let’s see who I need help finding this week … Mark Ewald ’72, Larry Brown ’74, Peter Denio ’78, Jeff Myers ’81 (past president), John Baxley ’86, Eric Strickland ’94.

That’s enough for this week. Hope that you all have a great weekend, and I’ll talk to you soon.

Rick Neel ’73