DTD at MC #41

Good morning everyone,

Let’s see what has been going on in Delt Land over the last week or so.

First off, something new is being added to our Blog (http://mcdeltalumni.blogspot.com/) in the near future (I hope!). We have been talking about it for awhile now, but a note from Bob Farrell got us going.

Hi Rick,

Is there a way to set up the Web site for posting each year with current photos? Where the brothers can post their own pictures. Like 1978 page and a 1979 page etc. It would bring the alumni brothers together a little better. Or at least a link to myspace or myface for more information on the brothers. It would be great to catch up on what everybody is doing, where they are, their family, etc.

Bob Farrell

I’m not computer nerd enough to know where to begin doing anything like this so I forwarded the note to Shawn Selby and Adam “Hops” Hopkins to see what they could come up with. As usual, Hops figured something out and Shawn is playing with it to see how we can work it in. So, sometime in the not too distant future we will have a place for your pictures to be posted. Start looking for those shots you want to share with us, and I’ll keep you informed as to how it is coming.

As I mentioned last time,I have some articles from the newest issue of the Marietta College Trailblazer. I assume that you all get the magazine, but if you don’t, contact the college and update your address and you will in the future. To get started, G. Curtis Brown had the following written:

He and his wife Sally (Johnson) Brown have resigned from Al Root Candle Co. and American Red Cross of Medina County respectively, and are taking a temporary two-year assignment with the Mississippi Conference of the United Methodist Church in Jackson County, Mississippi, to coordinate work teams for rebuilding houses damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

What a great thing to do, my hat is off to Curtis and Sally. I do need his email address if any of you are in contact with him. Brian Rothenberg had written the following:

He has left the Ohio Democratic Party to be executive director of a newly formed nonprofit organization called ProgressOhio.org, which is a pro bono public relations and marketing organization for progressive and neighborhood causes from the grassroots level to Statehouse issues. Brian was recognized in 2006 by the Aurora High School alumni association as a Distinguished Alumnus.

Congratulations on the award Brian, and good luck with your new project! Eric Gustafson had the following news, and my sincere condolances go out to Eric and his wife, Maleah (Thorpe):

(They) welcomed their first child, Ethan Thomas Peaslee Gustafson, on June 2,2005. Unfortunately he was with them only a short time and passed away on June 14, 2005, but brought joy to all who met him. They are thankful to all of their Marietta College friends who have helped them through this difficult time. Eric is still director fo the annual fund and associate director of major gifts at Muskingum College.

Good news comes from Tyler Johnson and Jessica Sears.

They were married on August 4, 2006. Many other MC alumni were in attendance to help them celebrate the event. They are now living in Cincinnati, Ohio, where Tyler is a software engineer and Jessica is a teacher.

Congratulations to Tyler and Jessica, my they have a long and happy life together. Finally, we got from Paul Giannotti the following, and as a result of this note, I was able to contact him and add his emai to our directory.

Paul and Amy (Wooddell) Giannotti are pleased to announce the birth of their second daughter, Maren Gray, born June 6, 2006, in Winter Park, Florida. Maren, joins her big sister, Allie, who is almost 3! Paul serves as senior athletic trainer for Rollins College, and Amy works for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and for the Cambrian Foundation, a not-for-profit underwater research organization.

Congratulations to Paul and Amy, on their 2nd child. Resposes from #40 are next.

From Steve Pouliot we got a new address and a short note.

well, so much for a week off. Try this for Mike Pantos: **removed for privacy reasons, contact me if you need the password to access the directory at the chapter Web site** Hope all is well. It’s fun to read the guys as you’re connect with these brothers. You should becommended. Well Done!

Steve Pouliot

I have to comment here, it is really fun when I open my email and find a new email address and/or a note from a brother telling what he is up to. So if you enjoy reading them, send me something and let the others enjoy reading about you! Shawn Selby has all the fun! As he related in this short note:

Hey Rick,

I was in Toronto over the weekend, and then was hit by a major snowstorm forcing me to spend Monday night and Tuesday night in London, Ontario. I finally returned to Michigan yesterday morning and got to the office at noon yesterday.

Bob Peterson sent the following note, please note that he is going to be at our 40th next year, I hope that all the rest of you are making plans to be there too!

Hi Rick,

Congratulations on #40!I just returned home to Rome after a month in Japan and Beijing. Heading for Geneva motor show today. The rest of the month I’ll be bouncing around between Rome, Brussels, Barcelona and Madrid and will return to Tokyo April 3for about 3 weeks! I will be sending to Fergie later this month a check toward the ritual equipment and general House Corp. needs – so please add this to the budget plan. I will not make the golf outing this year. Looking forward to the 40th next year!


Bob Peterson ’76

I got this note from Bob Farrell (the same guy that got us started on the photo thing), welcome Bob!


I am Bob FarrellI graduated in 1979 from Marietta as a DTD member. Could you add me to the e-mail list?

Bob Farrell

During the spring golf weekend, we will be (at least the plan currently is) working on the ritual equipment that we have been having a fund raiser for over the past six months or so. Please come to the golf outing to help build new equipment, as well as play some golf. Also, please consider making a donation to help build the new equipment, send your check made to: Crescent Colony of Marietta Inc. and send it to Bob Ferguson at 507 Wooster St., Marietta, Ohio 45750. Please make a note that it is for ritual equipment. Thank you.

There has been a pretty good response to the Undergrads’ request to fill out a form to help update the Chapter records (and correct any errors that may have occured in the Big Brother board). So far Hops tells me that there have been about 30 forms filled out. Thanks for the effort, and if you haven’t yet done so, please go to the chapter web site: http://www.marietta.edu/~delts/ and fill out the form. Also check out the update, if you haven’t done so yet. As a result of people filling out the forms, I have some email address updates for you. Here they are: Todd Spence -**removed**, Brian Dobis – **removed**, Bob Farrell – **removed**, and Curtis Brown – **removed**. Drop them a line and say hello. You both will appreciate it.

My list of missing Delts for this week is as follows, if you are in contact with any of them let us know, please. Dr. Mark Schickter ’69, Doug Scaffer ’71, Michael Beifus ’77, Theodore Haase ’80, James Mason ’84, James Rosenberger ’89, John Weekley ’93, Gordon Keller ’97, and Tim Tokarczyk ’04. Here’s hoping that you guys can do as well this week as you did last time. Thanks for the effort.

Last week I went to the Delt International website, http://www.delts.org/ and went to poking around. I came across addresses for Chapter Web sites, so I decided to go look at the other Ohio chapters. I am happy to report that in my opinion, the EY site is the best. Yay!!! All of the sites had some interesting features, and some were very well done. However, the thing that makes ours the best was that it is current. Most of the other ones hadn’t been updated for several months. Most were still sporting events from the last school year. That, in my opinion, is the downfall of most of them. Ours is current, and with Hops running the site, I’m confident it will stay that way.

One thing that I saw on several of them that I really liked is this:
These letters don’t make me better than you.
They make me better than who I was.

I liked that. I hope you do to.
Have a good week.

Rick Neel ’73