DTD at MC #35

Hello to you all,

Lots to talk about today, I have some new addresses, some new news, and some news that I have forgotten to talk about for a while now. So lets get started.

To begin with, I hope that you all have been checking our Delt Blog from time to time. Recently there have been a couple of new posts added. One from Hartsy and one from Shawn Selby. Also, for the first time there has been a comment added to an email of mine. Yippy!! It is from Hartsy and since it is the first one, I’ll add it here.

Hartsy wrote:

Working on Ritual equipment as part of the spring weekend is a great idea. It could, however, be dangerous. I’m better with a golf club than a saw and hammer. (For those of you who have seen my golf game, you may think I tee off with a saw.)

I have to agree with you on that sentiment Hartsy, I think that screws should have directional arrows. Be sure to check out the Blog to see what Hartsy and Shawn have to say. Harsty is interested in setting up committees to try to see to it that our 40th anniversary is a great success as well as getting the drive for a new shelter for the undergrads underway. He is looking for volenteers or suggestions for people to serve on the committees. Shawn’s post is about the Northern Division Conference that is going to be held in Columbus, Ohio in February. He has posted a link to the online registration site as well as some ideas about helping the undergrads attend. Check it out. For those of you who haven’t bookmarked the site, the address is: http://mcdeltalumni.blogspot.com/

From the College website, here is some sad news for some of the older guys. The full article can be found at the college site http://www.marietta.edu/ in the alumni section.

June 12, 2006 — Dr. Stephen W. Schwartz, who served on the faculty at Marietta College for 39 years and was affectionately known as the “Dean of Fun,” died Sunday (June 11, 2006), in Brevard, N.C., after a 19-month battle with lung cancer. He was 66.

My last request for addresses of people that we are missing produced some results so I’ll give you some more names today. Ken Kavula found one for us and also got some good news about our 40th!

Here’s Rob’s (Weidenfeld) email:

(removed for privacy reasons)

I just spent the last half hour with him on the phone and I think he’ll be at our 40th!

Ken Kavula ’69

Welcome Rob! I’ve been trying to get your email for a year or so now. I get one and find it’s bad. Glad we finally found you. And I’m so glad you are going to be able to make it to our 40th anniversary.

Dave Barker sent this email in with the name of another missing brother. Thanks Dave!

I am sure JD (Jeff Dean – address below) would love to hear from you. Thanks for the “old school” talk and keeping up with everyone. This was a big part of being in the fraternity for me, the extended family and fellowship ….

Dave Barker ’77

Jess Raines sent this:

Rick – lost brother John Simone was in my pledge class and transferred from MC to another university sometime in 1994, he didn’t actually graduate from MC. Perhaps if he joined another chapter, central office would have his info.


Perhaps one of the undergrads can help with this one. Some of you are in contact with the International Headquarters fairly regularly. Let me know. Thanks.

Alex Kalkhofer sent the following note:

Thank you for all these e-mails. They may seem long to non-Delts but I look forward to reading them every time I see them in my inbox.

I have posted pictures on the Delts Incircle networking site. If you haven’t done so already, check out my profile (Alex Kalkhofer) to see some pictures from the house. Also this is a great service which is available to us to stay connected with our brothers as well as network with Delts everywhere. The site is http://www.incircle.delts.org/. I encourage everyone to join this and post any openings in your company for fellow Delts. For instance I am looking for an internship in a television station and would be great if I could get a job with a brother. Any how I am excited to get back to the house and jump right into what I have been doing.

Finally like you said Rick, we would love for any alumnus to stop by and hang out. Please feel more welcome than I feel in the house!

Brother Kalkhofer

I think this is a great way for Delts to help other Delts in furthering their careers. I checked out the site but couldn’t get it to work for me. But as I’ve said many time in the past, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed about computers. So maybe you’ll have better luck.

Here are the new addresses that I have received this week. The address listing at our website is current as of January 9th so all of these names are there. But for those of you keeping your list updated yourself.

Steve Critchlow, Rob Weidenfeld and Geoffrey Dean.

Welcome guys! Hope that you enjoy these newsletters and please, if you have some news to share with the rest of us, do so. Hope to see you at our 40th anniversary in 2008. To the rest of you, if these guys were in your era, drop them a note to say “Hi” they’ll appreciate it.

We now have 216 addresses in our address book. I think that is pretty spectuacular and soon we will have more, I’m sure. Note to Hops, Fergie, or Craig Sundstrom: How many of us are there now? How many addresses do we still have to go? Let me know will you? Thanks!

Here are some names of brothers that are still missing, if you are in contact with any of them let me know:

Peter Ross ’67, Mike Stein ’72, Paul Craft ’73, Eric Dunsker ’76, George Dee ’82, Jim Bailey ’88, Dan Moorman ’92, Shawn Spence ’98, Colin Orsini ’02, Pete Campbell ’06.

That’s all I have for this week.

Hope you all have a great weekend,

Rick Neel ’73