DTD am MC #80

Hello everyone,
I ran into Kevin Oliphant at the Vienna, WV WalMart the other day, and he gave me a hard time about not having gotten one of these in quite a while.  So it’s his fault the rest of you get to read this.  (He didn’t really give me a hard time, but he did ask.  It kind of made me feel good, that people read and enjoy these things.  Also made me feel a bit guilty about taking so long between them.  Ah well.)
I hope that everybody had a great Thanksgiving.  As is the normal practice for the Chapter, they prepared a Thanksgiving dinner for themselves.  Turkey and all the fixin’s.  I’m told that they got started at about 7:00 am over at the college dining hall (they borrowed part of the kitchen and got it done.  Dinner was served a little after 5:00 pm on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  This year I was invited to attend, and I’m sure glad I did!
Tradition has it that the seniors are allowed to bring a date, and the ladies, Ferg and Ginny, last years president (Jordan Stryker),Jacob Tidwell (director of Greek Affairs for the college) and myself were the only ones other than the undergrads in attendance.  We had dinner at the Great Hall in Andrews Hall.  Ferg, as usual, did the honors and cut the turkey.  Then we all dug in and had a wonderful dinner.  Thanks again for the invite guys.
Now we are on to finals week.  The guys are getting ready to finish out the first semester with finals and then take the rest of the month off.  Good luck guys, make us proud!  Bring home the best GPA again.
For the record, just in case you didn’t know it.  For the spring semester 2010 (last school year) the chapter beat one of the sorority’s for best GPA.  It doesn’t happen often and it made the girls mad.
We also had the fall activation in November.  Another milestone in our history has been achieved, we have now initiated 400 men into EY.  Yeah!!!  Next stop, 400 alumni.  Then on to 500 and beyond!
I almost forgot.  In November, Rich Wolf came to the chapter and gave a talk about his career and where it has taken him.  All the guys really appreciated the time Rich took to come see and talk to them.  One thing I took from Rich’s talk and the previous one from Martin Santini, both of them made it a point of emphasis, don’t be afraid to take a chance, and don’t be afraid to fail.  I think that is something we all can take to heart.  Thank you Rich, your time was very much appreciated!
Next up on our alumni speaker program is JP Clowes.  We also need another volenteer for the spring semester.  Who will step up?  Please consider it.  Don’t you remember how confusing life was to you when you were an undergrad, trying to figure out what to make of your life.  I hear that Matt Dole may be thinking about it… so please both of you, get in touch with me so we can find a time that works for everyone.
Our goal for this program is to have 2 speakers per semester.  One early in the semester and one late.  Four per year, not to many.  Please think about it.
As you heard from Ty Stay, the chapter corresponding secretary, homecoming went well.  There were quite a few alumni in town, as usual the younger guys outnumbered the rest of us.  We did have the undergrad/alumni football game and unfortunately the alumni were defeated this year.  I think it was mainly due to the undergrads having pledged last years starting QB from Warren Local HS.  But, in true Delt fashion, the alums extracted their revenge…the chapter president broke his collarbone to atone for winning the game.
I got to talk to several of the older alums while they were in town, that was nice.  Just one note about that, Al Head has moved, he is now in Cincnnati.  If you are there, give him a holler.
While we were in town for homecoming, a few of us went chapter house hunting.  I am almost afraid to bring this up after the disappointment from last year, but it is something we must continue to persue.  We looked at 2 houses.  Both of them were exceptional for different reasons.  The first had the advantage of a GREAT location.  Directly behind the Delt house, on 3rd St.  It had plenty of off street parking, a yard for Delt activities, zoned right for us, and probably affordable.  The problem with it is, those of us that looked at it, decided that the house would have to be torn down and rebuilt.  There were just too many issues involved to renovate it for our use.  So then we were looking at a final price in the $500,000 to $600,000 range.  Much more than we can afford at this point.
The other house that we looked at is a different story.  To save time, I’m going to paste the note I wrote to Ferg, Hartsy, and Greg Maloof about the property.  I originally saw it by myself, because no one else was available to go with me.  Here is the note:

I looked at a house on 7th Street the other day.  It is located right next to Tim Horton’s coffee shop and right across the street from what used to be the State Liquor Store.  It is also the 3rd house from Quarry St.  Hopefully that will locate it in your minds.

Here is what I found.  The condition of the house is “move in quality,”  it was remodeled and had new heat and AC installed in 2003.  The roof has been replaced recently and is in excellent shape.  It has been rewired and replumbed and has been wired for internet.  The idea behind the remodel was to rent it to college senior or graduate students.  So that is how the work was figured.  I am told that it is about a 5 minute walk to the classrooms on campus.

There is off street parking behind the house, on a brick pad for at least 5 cars with a grass area behind the parking for a picnic table or grill.  The grassy area is as wide as the lot and about 10 – 20 feet deep.  Therefore, by removing the cars, there is plenty of room to do what ever the undergrads now do on the lawn next to the current house.  There is also a small front yard.

Inside, there are currently 5 bedrooms, all good sized.  4 on the 2nd floor and 1 on the main floor.  There are 2 full baths, one on each floor and a full kitchen.  It appeared to me that the bedrooms on the 2nd floor could easily be made into 2/3 triples and a double.  So that would allow us to sleep 10 or 11 on the 2nd floor and either use the main floor room as a bedroom for 3, raising the capacity to 13 or 14, or using it for chapter public space.

The attic is very small, in useable space and may sleep one, with work to make it livable, however the access to it is thru one of the bedrooms.  Therefore, I don’t see it being used for anything other than storage.

The basement has an exit to the backyard, therefore giving us 2 ways out if needed.  It is the size of the main floor of the house, divided down the middle.  One side has the water heater and all that kind of stuff, and the other side is open and could be useable.  It would take some work for that, however.  It has a dirt floor and only 6 feet of headroom.  Therefore, I think that we would need to lower the floor by about 2 feet, in order to have enough room to concrete the floor and still have headroom.  I’m not sure that is possible, due to where the foundation is built to.  If we can do this we would have a chapter room and large social area.  If not, our ritual would have to occur elsewhere.  (Perhaps Ferg’s basement – just kidding Ferg, don’t hit me!)

Money, here is the kicker.  The owner has about $190,000 invested in the property.  He is not interested in making a fortune on the house, but he does expect to make a profit.  He has it rented to college students until May, so it isn’t available until then.  He also is open to a long term lease, and will negotiate that with us.  He has rented it to the college in the past for $2,500/month.  That included utilities, and he said he lost money on gas in the winter.  For a long term rental, he will negotiate, but isn’t interested in paying utilities if we sleep 12.

I think it would cost us about $215,000 + the realtor commission.  Then there is the matter of furnishing it.  That is a lot more than what we were talking about for 507 Putnam, but we were looking at about $65,000 in repairs there on top of the $150,000 cost price.  There is little that would need to be done here (mainly bathroom modifications).  So more money to start, but less when we get in.

I have also given a couple of new addresses to my realtor and will let you know what I learn.

Hope to see you at homecoming.  Rick

I added several new addresses to my address book for this email.  Almost entirely new undergrads.  So to everyone who gets this, please share it with other brothers.  If you find that someone isn’t getting it, send me his address, so I can get him included.  Also, any alum you know, discuss the housing issues, and if you find he isn’t getting this, have him send his address to me.  I’m missing several, and have others I wonder about.
May you all have a joyous holiday season, good health, good fortune, and a great 2011.
Rick Neel ’73