Derek Ensinger ’11

Full Name Derek Ensinger
Email moc.l1518989737iamg@1518989737regni1518989737sne.k1518989737ered1518989737
Current Occupation/Title: Customer Service/Account Management – Flat Glass Division
Employer: PPG Industries, Inc
Year initiated: 2008
Year graduated: 2011
Undergraduate Degree: Advertising/Public Relations
Current City and State: Pittsburgh, PA
Link to LinkedIn profile:
Bio I’m known by many as “Worm”. I served as your chapter President for 1 year (2010-11) and as a constant source of good/bad ideas for 3 1/2. I moved to Pittsburgh months after graduation and I don’t plan on leaving any time soon. There is a large contingency of EU Delts in Pittsburgh now (as you might well know), so please reach out to myself or one of the many others if you ever want to visit, are looking for career advice/opportunities, need a place to stay, etc.